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I am trying to create the session once page load but it’s not creating. Because all page are open through link for example I have two page and so in index page I define 3 or more link and all like open the same page, even I create different register session variable each clicking but once I click the first link it will open the page and set the session variable value but next time once I click the second link then it can't change the previous session value even if multiple user work on same page then for this instance I can't delete the session so only one option is there to over write the session value. So please help me it is really very urgent.

So how to create the session in drupal. Give me idea with syntax.


The normal way to break the

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The normal way to break the session variable is to log out. Is this not happening? If you are logged in and go to the same page by three different links you are still logged in no matter how you go to the page. If you log out and go back to the page. You get a anon session. Now when you do that it tracks your ip or MAC address so it knows who you are for that session. It stores a session cookie on your computer.

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Thanks for the clarification,

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Thanks for the clarification, had the same question.

About Tomcat EE

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Is the current version supports Tomcat EE please?


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