Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative sprint at and after the end of Drupalcon Denver

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2012-03-23 09:00 - 2012-03-25 20:00 America/Denver
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While Drupalcons in the United States are not usually flush with interest for multilingual topics, there is always a sizable set of people interested. This post is a summary of topics we know we are going to discuss at Drupalcon Denver for people interested in multilingual and who want to help out.

Multilingual content at the conference

For those looking for multilingual content throughout the conference, here are some tips:

Multilingual sprinting throughout the session days

The organizers of Drupalcon Denver provide space for us to work on multilingual tasks anytime throughout the conference in room 601. While I'm personally not signed up to spend most of my time on session days in the sprinting room, I'm happy to support people who want to sprint. Find me via email, twitter and in person in Denver!

Multilingual sprint at the end of the conference

There is already a traditional code sprint day at the end of Drupalcon, and the organizers provide plenty of space for the sprints at the convention center in rooms 401 and 405. So the last day of conference we'll use the conference facilities to start off the Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative sprint.

Multilingual sprint after the end of the conference

Because doing sprinting for one day on a huge initiative like D8MI would not let us cover a lot, we extended the sprint times with two more days! This part of the sprint is outside of Drupalcon's resources, but got great support from MapQuest! They are providing our sprinting space for the weekend in their offices at 1555 Blake Street, 3rd Floor. But, signup to attend this part of the sprint is required, so we have a definite list of people coming. Their offices are really cool!


Go to multilingual sessions, talk to people you know about your questions and attend the sprints! The calendar looks like the following (with Monday as the first day):

19/Mon 20/Tue 21/Wed 22/Thu 23/Fri 24/Sat 25/Sun
X Occasional sprinting in room 601 in the Convention Center Sprint in room 401 or 405 in the Convention Center Sprinting at MapQuest (requires signup)

Sign up please!

Additionally of signing up here please indicate your availability for the sprint at http://www.doodle.com/54gtf4xqxe7hd6qz#table - a table that includes all Drupalcon days as well to get an idea of people interested sprinting on Drupalcon days (too).


when and where to sprint

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Just a note that there should be ample space during the week to sprint at. There will be a 24-hour coder lounge open at the Hyatt Regency hotel (across the street from the Convention Center). At the Convention Center will be a coder lounge in addition to a room for sprints, Tuesday through Thursday. Friday will have a couple rooms for the full day contribution sprint.

Coder lounge

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Will the coder space at the Hyatt be open to those who are not staying at the Hyatt?

should be

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I don't think @coltrane follows this post but just wanted to add that I see no reason why the coder space would not be open for anybody. Drupalcon organizers do not rent space like that only for people staying in certain hotels :) That would be very unfortunate/unusual.

Most likely, I'll only have

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Most likely, I'll only have time for sprinting @ mapquest after the con. Too many topics on the plate during the con. But happy to have a quick talk at any time if you bump into me! :)

Daniel F. Kudwien
unleashed mind


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Thanks for letting us kow! Can you please sign up on the doodle as requested in the post? Thanks.

Remote participation at the sprint

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I won't be in Denver this year, but i'll try to join for a Multilingual Documentation update on friday. Is #drupal-i18n still the favorite channel of communication on IRC?

drupal-18n it is

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Yes,that is still the channel we use and we will be on there. There are other virtual sprinters too. Thanks!