Yeah SaaS! Lets get this party started :)

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Anyone have any SaaS sites they want to showcase?

Interesting Modules they want to post that helped get their application going?

Look forward to discussion topics :)


Not yet but I'm working on

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Not yet but I'm working on shopping cart SaaS app.
So far Plup and Reply modules are it's public by-products.

If you immediately know the candlelight is fire, then the meal was cooked a long time ago.

My portfolio site

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I rebuilt my portfolio using Saas. I subthemed from Sasson because it was lightweight and I was in a hurry. (

At DrupalCon Denver I saw a presentation on Saas. It confirmed for me that using Ruby in your dev environment is better than using PhpHaml for Saas.

With Sasson using PhpHaml is optional. You can check it out here:

Social Login as SaaS

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Yea, SaaS is the future!!

I recently launched a module for Drupal to implement Social Login and its built on a SaaS platform.

Please try it out and share your comments and feedback!


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