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This wiki page evolved from the expanded default install profile page. If you have your own description of what Drupal should be out of the box, please add a link to that wiki page. Please also use a format similar to the one described here, it will make it easier for us to translate directly into an install profile. Please DO make edits / updates directly to this profile if you feel that community in a box is what Drupal should do out of the box.

minesota profile

[ missing: high level description / use cases for this profile - what kind of site does it build? ]

Content Types


  • comments: yes
  • published: no
  • promoted: yes
  • uploads: yes
  • revisions: no


  • comments: yes
  • published: yes
  • promoted: no
  • uploads: yes
  • revisions: no

Book (wiki)

  • comments: no
  • published: yes
  • promoted: no
  • uploads: yes
  • revisions: yes


  • comments: yes
  • published: yes
  • promoted: no
  • uploads: yes
  • revisions: no

Notes: It will be a (debatable) good idea to make Advanced Forum, at least a minimalistic version of it, part of such package. Many people do not need forum but many need too, and look for VBB, phpBB integration. Adv Forum can show them they can get a forum of equal usabilty and features OOB.


  • comments: disabled
  • published: yes
  • promoted: no
  • uploads: yes
  • revisions: yes

Help text: 1.creating a page will not show up in site unless accessed directly by url or unless a menu-link is created for it, can be used for faq, help, contact


needs refactoring

Insert any album/gallaery/image module here

That allows authenticated users to have at least one individual album
where she/he can upload/edit/delete Image
Attachment, Inline image disabled for authenticated users
Comments by authenticated users enabled

Roles & Permissions

* create / edit book

* create/edit own forum posts
* create/edit own blog posts
* create/edit own article posts (can't publish)


* create/edit/delete page
* create/edit/delete all forum posts
* delete any book
* edit/delete any blog post
* create/edit/publish any article




Enabled Modules

  • Forum
  • Blog
  • Blog API
  • Upload
  • Image Field (or whatever core is going to be called)
  • Taxonomy
  • Comment
  • [ in progress ]

**Below needs refactoring***


What should the profile ideally be?
The way other scripts and actual sites are making profile it seems that
now or after few years more and after few more "usabilty and redesign" tests
one has to agree that Profile should look more like Advanced Profile (APK)
If not anything else - Profile should provide:
Link to add that person to friend/favorit list, whatever
More importantly, link to block that person including pms
Comments on profile with privacy options

and others like .........

Polls, Calendar, Events

Should this be OOB or not ?

Wysiwyg editors

I personally prefer BUI editor but there seems to be great demand for
other fuller stuffs

useful sublinks to a node

and modules needed for these, should they be OOB?
Probably no, many will say. But real usabilty by actual end users or site visitors can be increased
if there are options already enabled below each node to
add it to favorit | send to a friend | print it


Notes to minnesota

Boris Mann's picture

I refactored your listing to a more common format -- this is literally very close to what we need to go through and code an install profile, hence the common format. I need to go back and update the community one a bit, too.

Unfortunately, we can only focus on functionality or modules that a) already exist in core or b) are likely to get into core for D7. So, for example, I'm assuming some sort of "image field" functionality is going to get into core.

WYSIWYG is a real hot button. I think many can agree that we'd love to have a WYSIWYG ship with core. Let's assume something will be there, there probably isn't much point in debating which one here.

One thing you didn't state which is REALLY needed: please state the use case for this profile up front -- talk us through what someone would do with such a site.

Let us proceed

minesotaa's picture


Whew! That was a lot of work done by you.
I will like to add ( though it may already clear form your post) :

  • Articles get published and promoted when the admin approves it or the admin herself writes it and approves it.

  • Blog posts show up automatically on the blog front page which is typically at site > blog

  • Images need to be added easily in whichever way and should be out of the box, so this is : Uploads plus something ( like Image + Inline OR Imagefield, whatever)

  • For anonymous, I am very much interested to know what is the idea of yours or others here regarding permission out of the box ? May be we should enable comment permissions for the anonymous with captcha on? May be not ? May be we should turn off wiki permissions unless user is authenticated?

I am personally not much an user of WYSIWYG but I understand it is a necessity/hot issue and a thing of much debate.

The typical use case of this is COMMUNITY, also known as community portal but can also be called social networking depending on the Profile and Privacy options out of box and whether Organic Groups, Buddylist, PM are kept enabled out of the box. Community portals or just portals are the largest 'type' of sites in use for multiuser based web apart from social nets. Even all the popular forum scripts have added portal modules or are served entirely in portal flavor.

The advantage of COMMUNITY OOB IS that it can be easily 'downgraded' to blog or forum (the other two very common usecases) or easily upgraded to Social NW ( just add APK, OG, Buddylist, PM, Privacy modules)

The target is to enable the common modules that may be needed for such an usecase (and permissions) which is/ are agreed upon by all, and make the installation so easy that one need not separately install any dependancy or has to separately go the permission area to enable permissions for authenticated users.

It's a wiki

Boris Mann's picture

This is a wiki page -- please integrate it into the page above. Thanks!


minesotaa's picture

Umm ... I will but it may be better to delete this or merge this with ?

Similar but different

Boris Mann's picture

I made a separate one because it seems like you have a very distinct vision. My goal is outlined at the top: I don't want it to be a social networking site, at all, but usable by small non profits and local communities, as well as topic-based publishing or corporate sites.

Like modules and other things, we'll need community discussion around the right course and what makes sense out of the box. Oh, and we'll need code, which is why I've formatted it as I have -- it's very close to what is needed for cut and pasting into an install profile.

I suggest potentially building an example on Drupal 6, so we can test it today.


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As for a Wysiwyg - The people of FCKeditor have gotten quite far with a total rewrite of the thing: it is renamed, and I once read the feature list, where performance (one of the few complaints I have about this thing) was quite a high priority. Judging by, FCKeditor is by far the most popular Wysiwyg on newer Drupal installations (Usage statistics on D.O. have a different count, and for historical reasons Tinymce is about equally popular, because people will stick to it once installed).

I haven't checked this out, but hot hot hot - no reinventing of the wheel in form of rolling our own may be required!

Well, just tested out CKeditor.
Disappointing - looks exactly the same and has the exact same featureset as FCKeditor. But the performance and loading time - (if this is comparable to a Drupal site) totally blazing fast!
Check it out. OK, I know this is not the Wysiwyg Group...

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