Mark Boulton Design Drupal 7 Project

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

This will be the breeding ground for all things related to Mark Boulton's D7 design effort.

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Who can help me with Intro website

I need support for the completion of an Intro website.
If you're interested I will send a link , this website is currently off-line.

Our I can create An admin account.
After we agreed , I send you ftp details to get access to the server.

After this intro site is finished, I can inform my network that we develop a new community platform we start in 2013.

Partnership long term: Because this project is for a long term ,is an opportunity to join our staff ,that depends on the conditions that we agree.

Bet regards,

Matthew Vaessen

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Drupal 7 Release Party @ Mark Boulton Design, Cardiff, Wales

2011-01-07 17:30 - 23:00 UTC
Event type: 
User group meeting

We're having a little party, with pizza too!
Everyone is welcome.

Mark Boulton Design Ltd.
Studio 2, The Coach House,
Stanwell Road,
Phone: +44 (0)2920 020959

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Simple mod for 7.x user interface

One of the core profile issues is when a user is adding a URL to their page. They must include http:// in their link. don't know of any other site on the net that asks for this when a URL is requested. This issue existed in 6.x also. The error message doesn't even ask for htttp:// to be included just says: The value provided for "URL field-name" is not a valid URL. That's when a person includes "www" when filling out the form, so i definitely see this as an issue. This is for the User field: URL under "profile configuration".

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CMS Web Developer - Drupal | Confidential

Employment type: 

TWO POSITIONS: 1. Developer/CMS 2. Drupal Designer/CSS

Our client is seeking CMS consultant/developer/designer to fit the scope from design to technical execution. The site would need to have multiple access permission to approved content for investors and broker/dealers. Prefer to work with someone who will recommend a CMS that can be installed/managed on our servers

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Settings for content types: per type or big list?

Admin UI question to ponder:

Suppose a module adds a property or setting to content types: it allows you to say "content types X, Y, Z have property foo, or can do a particular thing, or do a thing in this particular way".

When should this be a UI element added to the content type admin page, and when should this be a single list of all content types?

A run-down of examples:
Added to the content type admin page: upload, comment, nodeblock, community_tags, meta tags, nodewords, content_profile
List of types: taxonomy, flag, simplenews

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A critical look at the implementation of Plugin Manager - Underlying issues and possible solutions

I have been harboring some growing concerns about the direction of the plugin manager integration proposals for Drupal core almost since their inception, but have not been able to make an informed opinion on the subject until I had properly reviewed the proposed system on a much deeper scale.

While my impressions of the project and the current implementation are fairly negative, I have aimed to frame my criticisms in a positive constructive manner because I believe that the goals of the project are worthwhile, and that for a large section of users this could be a very flexible and usable solution.

Unfortunately a lot of my concerns have been well founded, and I believe that the implementation of this system needs to be taken in a different direction for it to be able to succeed in its goals, while not negatively affecting projects like Aegir, Open Atrium and many other ‘serious developers’.

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UX issue queue sprint June 27/28 in Utrecht

2009-06-27 (All day) - 2009-06-28 (All day) UTC
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

The sprint will be held at One Shoe in downtown utrecht which is one of the largest Drupal developing companies in holland. We have space for 20+ people in their nice and spacious office. Utrecht has lots of opportunities to go out in the evening, and with the Drupal Jam on Friday, this is bound to rock for all attendants.

Starting time will be at 10:00 in the morning on both days.

All people that care for UX are welcome. We can use: Graphic Designers, Coders, Copy Writers, Themers and CSS Ninjas

Confirmed Participants so far:

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Remove warning modal dialogs and replace them with undo

I think we can remove modal dialogs and replace it with a "undo" or trash system. Specially when you delete something (node, menu, bloc, etc).

They have a great article about that at listapart See

Gmail have this kind of undo and recently add "undo send" .


Some issues about modal dialogs

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on installing and theming

hey all,

I've (not so) recently published two videos on how I intend to make D7 easier on the newbies.

I focus on two key aspects: getting Drupal up and running and making Drupal look like your own.

though they have been viewed a few times now - and tagged accordingly, I hope - it had slipped my mind to divulge them here ¬¬

I hope this post helps foster some much-needed discussion on my wireframes. I mean, it's not that I didn't show mom and she thought they looked nice, but I need some unbiased, professional second opinions. LOL

so here's the links:

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Drupal Design Camp Boston on June 13-14, 2009

2009-06-13 (All day) - 2009-06-14 (All day) America/New_York
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Drupal Design Camp Boston is a free, two-day Drupal conference on June 13-14, 2009, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is being organized by members of the Boston Drupal group as part of the growing Design 4 Drupal initiative that launched when designers and themers took DrupalCon DC by storm this past March.

This camp also coincides with the redesign sprint at the MIT Media Lab on Friday, June 12. The sprint picks up where the San Francisco redesign sprint left off and participants at the Boston sprint will be learning how to contribute to theming as well as implement the redesign.

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Drupal "rejection" of containment and usability issues

Drupal seems to not really like the notion of containment.
While I appreciate the "sea of node" approach as a base view on content that is structured by taxonomy, I think drupal carries it way too far.
And it means that with containment Drupal reject Context.
And a lots of usability issues stems from that.
A few come to my mind (and I am sure there is many more):
* Where did my content go ?,
* What can I add there ? (What can I do next)
* How do I start something
* My content appears in incontrollable place

I will try to illustrate my point with an example :

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Default install profile: Minesota Profile

This wiki page evolved from the expanded default install profile page. If you have your own description of what Drupal should be out of the box, please add a link to that wiki page. Please also use a format similar to the one described here, it will make it easier for us to translate directly into an install profile. Please DO make edits / updates directly to this profile if you feel that community in a box is what Drupal should do out of the box.

minesota profile

[ missing: high level description / use cases for this profile - what kind of site does it build? ]

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Default install profile: Community in a Box

This wiki page evolved from the expanded default install profile page. If you have your own description of what Drupal should be out of the box, please add a link to that wiki page. Please also use a format similar to the one described here, it will make it easier for us to translate directly into an install profile. Please DO make edits / updates directly to this profile if you feel that community in a box is what Drupal should do out of the box.

Community in a Box

A community site with front page articles, a community blogging section, discussion forums, and shared image galleries.

Anyone is welcome to sign up for an account and participate in the forums. After some time in the forums, users are invited to become contributors, and can post blog posts and photos, as well as submit unpublished articles.

The blogging functionality is a community multi user blog. It is not meant as one users blog, but rather a large community that can post quick thoughts responding to each other and sharing their ideas. (Note: this is in here because people get confused about "blog" functionality -- this is meant to highlight that having a community blog is not the same as a single user blog, so don't expect to be able to change titles and designs etc. -- your blog posts are in a shared, community space)

Editors are around and police the forums, as well as reviewing and publishing articles and other material for the front page.

The photo galleries are shared galleries: like the forum and the community blogs, users upload them to share, rather than in their own space. There are weekly suggestions for new gallery categories, and users can also tag photos with whatever they like to mix and match how the photos are grouped.

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If you really want to kick down some doors...

Make Drupal Object Oriented -- or at least give us that option. Drupal is so close to OOP, why not take the next step? Give us the ability to create an object for a node, give it basic CRUD methods from an interface, and allow it to render as an array for backwards compatibility (and see if you can use the iterator interface for some hybridization).

On this track, an integration with an existing ActiveRecord implementation (I'm a fan of Zend, but Doctrine or Propel(the DBA system for Symfony) has traction as well.

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The Audience Matrix Evolves (and how you can play at home)

We've just added a new video to the YouTube Channel which we refer to in this post - check it out now:

Over the past week or so Mark and I have been working out the details that go on the panels of the Audience Matrix that we shared with you last week ( (or dress-up-doll document as it has otherwise been named). We’ve made a few changes and added a bunch of definitions.

Here’s what we’ve come up with so far:


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Drupal UX IA concerns

Hi all.

I'd like to share a concern I have on D7 UX. I loved the usability testing session at DrupalCon (great work guys!), but a big fat red flag popped up when it was mentioned that one member had a problem with the default behavior of orphaned nodes. A tester had a problem with newly created content "not being a part of the site." New content was created, but it wasn't added to a menu, or attached to site architecture in a meaningful way.

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Drupal7 UX Project is Go! - Now's the time to get involved

You may have heard the excellent and very exciting news that following on from our work on, Mark Boulton Design has been contracted to take a look at the User Experience for the upcoming Drupal 7, and I'm very happy to be working with him on this project as well.

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Pimp Your Admin

You might remember we mentioned that we were going to kick off an activity we call 'Pimp Your Admin' at the recent Drupalcon conference - we have a few interesting screencasts already and now we'd like to invite you to join in!

One of the great things about Drupal is that you can bend it to your will - get it to do just about anything you need it to do. Same goes for it’s administration interface (admin).

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A framework to understand the Drupal7 audience(s) - work in progress

We've spent quite a bit of time trying to develop a framework to understand and frame the Drupal7 Audience in such a way as we can successfully design for them. We thought you might be interested in seeing some of our thinking to date, so we recorded a quick chat about it in this video:
(I really should do my hair before videoing myself!)

As an overview, here is the outline of what we're thinking:

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Drupal7 Experience Strategy and Goals

Experience Strategy:

  • Make easy things easy and hard things do-able.
  • Design for the 80% (ref: Pareto Principle)
  • Privilege the End User

Our Goals:



  • The combination of powerful functionality, amazing community and great user experience should make Mark & I switch from Wordpress/Expression Engine to Drupal7 as soon as it is released.
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