Drupal Ireland Meet up

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2007-01-13 10:00 - 15:00 Etc/GMT

Location: Galway
Date & Time: Saturday 13th January 2007
Hi Folks,
Its confirmed.
The First Irish Drupal Meetup in going ahead.

Don't miss out on this historic ocassion.
An Event to be compared with JFK visiting Eyre Square, the Pope in Ballybrit, and U2 playing the Claddagh Hall:

When your Grandkids speak in glowing terms of this event, you can sit back and go yes, I was there!

For people attending from outside Galway, the Event times will allow you to to arrive by public transport [such that it is...]

Venue :
DERI: Digital Enterprise Research Institute, NUI, Galway.
Maps available at
To be Confirmed...[Negotiations ongoing]
Projectors and Wifi available, probably even hot beverages

If you intend to come along, Please use the signup funtion to give us an idea of numbers
The signup function isn't currently available. Please email me directly at alanburke@fastmail.fm if you intend to come along.

Just add your name to the planning wiki page.

If you want to present, just reply with your chosen specialised subject.

If there is something you would like to hear something about [within the realm of Drupal, I suppose], just add that as a comment too, and maybe somebody will try to address it.

Thats about it,
See you all there,


Agenda planning

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Please post a comment with what topics you can present, and what topics you want to hear:
I can present...

  • a bit about multi-site considerations on v5.
  • maybe a bit about drupal documentation

I would like to know...

  • a bit about theme customisation
  • options for image galleries (I'm currently using Acidfree)
  • ways of using the Views module

Agenda Ideas

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I can present..

Using Views
Using CCK
Themeing in Drupal

I would like to hear:
Best practices for Developing Drupal sites

Other Ideas:
An an opening item,
I would like everyone to spend a few minutes showcasing one [ or more] of their own Drupal sites.
IE How its was Built, modules used, Theme used, problems encountered etc
I'll showcase athenryac.com


Sorry, no. I'm in Cork and

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Sorry, no. I'm in Cork and that's one of the least accessible places in the country to get to from here.

[Plus, even if it weren't I'd have to drop hundreds to get a hotel room in order to make a start at ten o'clock on a Saturday.]

Mostly I'm irritated that groups.d.o apparently thinks that by default I shouldn't get subscriptions emails from my own feckin' group...


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Hi John,

Sorry that you won't be able to make it.

Just to clarify and explain some points

Galway was chosen as there are at least 3 enthusiastic Drupal users here, who are willing to get this going.

I have posted a number of times, both on WDO and GDO, asking for feedback, and asking someone from Dublin [which I agree is easier to get to] to maybe organise something.
So when that came to nothing, organising something in Galway seeemed like a logical choice. We figured that if nothing else, there would be 3 of us.

Hopefully somebody else in somewhere else will organise the next meetup.

As regards Saturday at 10am. Again, the idea was to facilitate people who don't use Drupal as part of their job, and couldn't justify taking a day off [2 of the 3 in Galway fall into this category]. By 10am the first busses and trains are into Galway.

If anybody felt that a later start would be the only thing stopping them from coming to Galway, I'd be open to changing times.

Lastly, There is a spare room in my house [not exactly luxurious I have to point out]. I'll happily offer it to anybody who could contribute to the meetup.

Sorry we won't meet up this time, hopefully the next time.
I keep an eye on your blog from time to time, and am interested in mapping issues too.


Henry Sellers: Sack me?! I

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Henry Sellers: Sack me?! I maaaaaaaaaade the BBC!

won't be able to make it

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bummer, won't be able to make it, as it's in galway. but sounds very interesting, and if there were an event in dublin at any stage, you could count me in.

I've been working with drupal for about a year and have done a couple of sites using it, including www.inex.ie. Am currently working on a multilingual site (4 languages).

I've also created new freebsd ports for the following modules. These aren't in the freebsd ports tree yet - hopefully shortly.

  • drupal 4.7.x
  • attachment
  • filemanager
  • i18n
  • nice_menus
  • taxonomy_access


Hi Zonker, Sorry that you

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Hi Zonker,

Sorry that you can't make it.

The people who organised this meetup are all Galway based, and are unlikely to organise an Event outside Galway [Logistics, contacts etc].

But we would certainly be happy to attend, were something in Dublin to be organised.

Maybe you could get something organised for the summer?


IO1 will attend

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Not sure exactly who, but at least two of us will be coming down, will have a chat with the others and see who can make it.

We can do presentation on http://www.Mailfriends.com and the performance work we did on drupal for that. We will also hopefully be able to present a very major site uk site that we have just finished for a major worldwide travel company.

Look forward to seeing you all.

Fantastic News

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Great Stuff Fintan,

Looking forward to hearing all about Mailfriends.com

As regards a schedule, the meetup will be similar enough to Barcamp [even though I've never actually been!], in that anybody can present, and we hope to get as many people as possible to present something.

See http://barcamp.org/TheRulesOfBarCamp.

We'll have an outline schedule posted later on this week, and on the day we'll squeeze in as much as we can.


Contact Details

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Alan Burke 087 2452130
Vincent Jordan 087 9971551

The Signup functionality has disappeared from Groups.Drupal.org,
So I no longer know who's coming, and I don't have the contact details for those who were planning to come.

Its not a big deal really, But I'm adding a Wiki Page for Planning, so if attendees could add their details there,
That would be great.


Link to planning wiki

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including travel once you get to Galway and the phone numbers of the locals is here: http://groups.drupal.org/node/2307

Is any meeting planned in Cork?

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Is any meeting planned in Cork?

Cork meetup

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We tried to start one up but there was not sufficient interest to keep it going.

If you would like to try and start one again we can aim to meet on the last Wednesday of the month which would be 26th October. Just let me know if that suits.

Cork meeting

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I am only alone and would like to learn something. I am based in Cork and I am looking for somebody to develop social platform on Drupal for startup. Is somebody interested here, I can meet with in Cork/Bandon/Kinsale?