Community Media Starter Kits

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This wiki lists some of the Drupal 7 modules often used as part of Community Media installations. These are broken up into skill levels. See an overview of the Community Media Starter Kits on

Where documentation already existed for a module we have written new instructions specifically for a Community Media installation which reference any existing information. All other documentation was created explicitly for this project.

The modules are listed in order of recommended install, though many other permutations are possible.

Easy (Starter Kit) Documentation
Community Media Checklist Documentation
@font-your-face Documentation
Webform Documentation
WYSIWYG Documentation
Google ReCaptcha (SPAM prevention) Documentation
Google Analytics Documentation
Backup and Migrate Documentation
CSS Injector Screencast Demo
PathAuto Documentation
Legal Documentation
PBCore Doc - Placeholder
Creative Commons Documentation
Community Media Show (metadata only) Doc - Placeholder
Community Media Show (staff) Doc - Placeholder
Community Media Show (printable contract) Doc - Placeholder
Crew Connect Documentation
Community Media Theme Documentation
Community Media Header Documentation
Community Media Slideshow Documentation
Community Media Profile Documentation
Moderate (Starter Kit)
Social Media Needs Documentatoin
Field Group Needs Documentation
Conditional Fields Needs Documentation
Field Collection Needs Documentation
Features Needs Documentation
Environment Indicator Needs Documentation
Feeds Needs Documentation
Airings Documentation
Community Media Project Doc - In Progress
Views Needs Documentation
FullCalendar Needs Documentation
Media Needs Documentation
Community Media Show (VOD) Doc - Placeholder
Styles Needs Documentation
Flag Needs Documentation
CiviCRM Doc - In Progress
CiviCRM Multiday Event Doc - In Progress
CiviCRM User Reference Doc - In Progress
CiviCRM Realname Needs Documentation
Difficult (
Starter Kit)
Custom theme development Needs Documentation
Custom module development Needs Documentation
Custom report development (
Views Data Export,
Needs Documentation
Configure multiple languages Needs Documentation
Bakery Single Sign-On System Needs Documentation
Direct Social Network Integration (
Facebook Connect,
JanRain - RPX)
Needs Documentation
Airing Grid (developed for MNN, not yet released) Needs Documentation
VOD Feeds Needs Documentation
Video Portfolio (developed for channelAustin, not yet released) Needs Documentation
Reservations API Documentation
Direct Playback Server Integration (
cablecast, Cingey)
Needs Documentation
Derivatives API Needs Documentation
Media Derivatives: Youtube engine Needs Documentation


@jdaniels Did you want both

kreynen's picture

@jdaniels Did you want both Mollom and reCaptcha included in the kit or were you looking for feedback? I would support including both if someone would write a page of documentation about comparing modules and add it to the Community Media distribution documentation.


jdcreativity's picture

I use Mollom and I like it fine, but I have never done a side-by-side comparison.

Mollom costs

ReCapthcha then

jdcreativity's picture


Devel and Organic Groups

jdcreativity's picture

Do these fit somewhere in the moderate kit?

apk for Android TV

mubiesam's picture

We are planing to develop an apk for Android TV to display the content from Drupal as the the backend cms.

Any suggestion...