State of the Drupal Badge World right now?

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Hi All,

I'm Chris McAvoy, from the OBI team. We really wanted to be at the meetup at DML, but the science fair and other commitments conspired against us. I was hoping someone could post a brief rundown on the current state of Drupal badging projects? Has anyone tried integrating with OBI yet?

Thanks! Glad this group exists...


Hi Chris! I didn't make it to

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Hi Chris!

I didn't make it to the meetup either :( but really happy this group has been set up.

Our team at PASA will start digging into the OBI using Drupal 7 within the next few weeks. We plan to officially issue badges by mid June to our pilot student group and be in full swing by the fall session.


Open Badges - Drupal 6

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Open.Michigan built off the user_badges module to create the open_badges module. You can get the code at GitHub. We've built this for Drupal 6 and continue to make adjustments as OBI solidifies.

Open Badges - Drupal 6

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open_badges module is also available in kwcoffman's sandbox:

Drupal 7 Open Badge related projects

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I'd love to see more examples of it being used in the wild, preferably w Drupal. Can anyone share screenshots, proofs of concept or examples?

FYI - this module is available on

Achievements to Mozilla Open Badges Bridge
This module allows you to send Achievements to your Mozilla Open Badges Backpack.

- Achievements
- A custom module that creates your own, unique achievements

The related module: Achievements - has had work on it recently (May 2012)

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Hi Heather,

We're working on implementing badges. Referencing our initial plan here:!topic/openbadges/yoQZKR7Af2E%5B1-25%5D

Badges - slowly evolving

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I've been developing a way to issues badges for work that students might do on a Drupal site. Given that I'm not a Drupal developer, I'm trying to develop the task/quest/challenge/badge structure at P2PU - at least for now. Here's what we've come up with so far: About half of the badges on the matrix toward the bottom go to challenges that we're imagining will have badges implemented within them.

Your work gives plenty to think about, and I'm going to look at it in more detail.

We're talking about badges tonight (Wed. 8/8) at 9PM ET at

And this conversation will continue in a Google Hangout On Air next Wednesday, 8/15 -- at an earlier time: 4:00 PM ET.

Perhaps you could join us in those conversations, and we could learn of your work more.

Achievements Module - help / advice sought.

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Hello all,

Am currently developing an eLearning environment for secondary school children and would like to be able to implement Open Badges within my Drupal pages - and in looking for a solution, the path has led me here. :)

The Achievements to Open Badges Bridge looks like it could be the answer to my prayers, but being new to Drupal and web-development in general, I am finding the configuration of Archievements module itself rather bewildering me. I have the base module installed but as a novice, with no experience of writing custom modules, implementing hooks etc, I am really struggling with the next stage.

In the name of maintaining originality (which I can fully understand) the developer has deliberately chosen not to include any example achievements, so it's a little like trying to create a theme without a sub-theme as a starting point.

Is anyone currently using the Achievements module, who might be able to give me some help, either a more basic guide on how to code a custom module or an example of an achievement that I could try? I have managed to (for lack of a better word) hack together quite a decent site and got a lot of things working through perseverance, trial and error, learning bits as I go and keeping notes - but with this one, I need help just to understand the documentation!

I realise that I'm trying to cut a corner but to be honest, it is unlikely that Drupal development will ever be a full time occupation for me. However, it would be a shame if this was a module which could only be used by experienced coders as this would preclude many of its potential users, who I would expect to be like me - educators who would like to quickly add achievements / badges their sites, so that there students can benefit.

Any help (or even words of encouragement!) would be much appreciated.


With the financial problems

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With the financial problems not yet over, organizations are still looking for methods to reduce costs. One of the methods they can do this is by using the organization printing device to create ID badges for workers and guests. They're simple to create and won't break the bank.
more info

Young Rewired State

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This week is YRS Festival Of Code for under 18's. I'm mentoring a small group in Oldham who have decided they want to create a website that that adds accreditations to their profiles about there out of school learning journey and experiences, and open badges seems to fit the bill nicely. They also want some social interaction with peers who share their fields of interest. We've got the site up, and installed the Mozilla Open Badges Bridge module, and various other open badges contrib modules. Could anyone offer any advice as how to best get the existing badges, issued from their site.
They have to present their finished site on Saturday in Birmingham.
P.S. The site is

Gamification & Drupal

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I'm trying to start a similar but more general discussion here

I'm also interested in applications for