Mozilla Open Badges for Learning

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

A working group to define shared requirements and align development efforts around Drupal modules related to the Mozilla Open Badge Infrastructure.

This group was mobilized at the 2012 Digital Media and Learning conference from the shared interests of a variety of learning institutions and developers looking to advance Drupal's capacity to support badged learning.

Our initial purpose is to align efforts and ensure a strong, sustainable, well documented Mozilla badges API for Drupal can be be established to support all developers interested in building badge-related modules.

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ELMSLN + xAPI/Learning Locker + H5P + OpenBadges

Rick Humphries (@rickhumphries) recently did a video showing the work his group is doing with ELMS Learning Network, Learning Locker and H5P to transmit activity statements (XAPI) from ELMSLN to Learning Locker. Then it shows how ELMSLN is querying the LRS (learning locker) for what statements a user has passed and then granting badges based on matching those statements.

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Badges in Cyco

CyberCourse is a philosophy, set of practices, and software for improving university skills courses, like programming, statistics, and writing.

At... a walkthrough of the badge system. Course authors choose exercises that make up a badge. Students who complete the exercises earn the badge. They can post it to their Mozilla backpack.


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Unique Volunteer Opportunity - FOSS Recognition & Open Badges | SocialCoding4Good


At SocialCoding4Good, we're hearing more and more stories of amazing impact made possible by our program, matching skilled volunteers with impactful projects like Mifos, Amara, Mozilla Webmaker and Sahana. You can find recent stories of contributors on our new blog.

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State of the Drupal Badge World right now?

Hi All,

I'm Chris McAvoy, from the OBI team. We really wanted to be at the meetup at DML, but the science fair and other commitments conspired against us. I was hoping someone could post a brief rundown on the current state of Drupal badging projects? Has anyone tried integrating with OBI yet?

Thanks! Glad this group exists...

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