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Anyone from Hawaii going to DrupalCon in Denver in a couple of weeks? I'd love to meet up. (Moving to Hawaii in a year so eager to meet you all!)

-Marie Raney
Western Washington University webmaster


I wish I was going, but no.

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Hi Marie,

That would be cool to meetup! Looks like we might have to wait for you to move here though, since I'm not gonna make it out to Denver.

I'm also in higher ed (webmaster at the College of Business here at the University of Hawaii). At the moment I'm converting our current site (http://www.shidler.hawaii.edu/) to a brand new Drupal one (http://wwwdev.shidler.hawaii.edu/). Still a lot of work ahead of me. OH, and I'm also from Washington State (Olympia).

So I'm curious, are you moving out here to work at a college/school/university?

Hawaii Drupal

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Wow - DrupalCon swept me off my feet and I'm finally back on earth. Boy - that was fabulous.

Anyway to answer, finally, I'm moving to live someplace where we can work outside on our boat more than 3 days in August (ok, I'm exaggerating a bit but the amount of dry weather for boat work is limited to the days you want to be sailing here in the NW!). If we make Hawaii our new base, I can work in Drupal while my husband works on the boat! Also living in Hawaii means that to sail to some of the places we'd like to see we save ourselves a month of sailing time by starting in Hawaii rather than Washington. So - that's the goal.

Isn't a Drupal conversion fun!! We combined developing our first Drupal site with a total redesign of the home page - that was last year - finished it in September. http://www.wwu.edu . Now we're working on a domain access / open Academy site that will allow us to roll out subdomains for the colleges and departments, all on the same code / db so we can maintain it for them. Yikes - lots to do still.

How big is your team? Is the approval cycle cumbersome or does that work pretty well.

Good luck - keep us posted on how that conversion is going!

Where in Hawaii?

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Hi Marie, where in Hawaii will you be moving? I live on Kauai and haven't had any luck connecting with Drupal folks, but hope to at some stage. It would really help me with my learning curve to have some more advanced Drupalers to bounce ideas and questions off of, this has been a real challenge.

Where in Hawaii?

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I'll be living on my sailboat so we're not sure where we'll be yet. I love Kauai - but I'm guessing that Oahu might have more scope for drupalistas. And the north side of Oahu has a wonderful protected anchorage that might work in any weather - Kaneohe Bay. So that's my thinking now, but we're up for suggestions!