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Aloha everyone,

My name is Patrick Grady and I am brand newbie to Drupal as of January 2011!! I have 10+ years experience with GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and have recently decided that I am ready to start exploring a new career path. A friend of mine has a business which revolves around web development using Drupal for client companies. He gave me the run down on what he does and it sounds very cool. My goal is to be able to work remotely and feel as if working with Drupal will allow me to create that reality for myself.

Any advice/insight for a newcomer to Drupal will be greatly appreciated!! For starters, where to now? I watched a preliminary video on Drupal and am hooked! I'd appreciate some steering into the best direction to get my skill set up to scratch. So, fire away with some of your advice/insights as to where I should head from here (online courses, books, jump into Drupal Gardens headfirst.....)


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