Check the video of the VoIP Drupal webinar: Building sites that answer calls, send SMS and more

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Thanks to the 100+ folks who attended the VoIP Drupal webinar from yesterday (3/7)!

It was really good to share the cool things that we have been working on with all of you and get a better sense of the kind of questions and ideas you have for VoIP Drupal.

Here is the recording:

And here's a link to the slides:

Among other things, the session
* Introduced VoIP Drupal, its functionality and basic components
* Demonstrated use cases and the latest features of VoIP Drupal in action
* Highlighted the benefits of the platform, and
* Invited everyone to join the fun!

Indeed, as mentioned in the presentation, it takes a village to build a platform! We have already build over 20 modules that provide Drupal sites with voicemail, click2call, phone-based recording, voice menus and other useful features. Now we need your help to implement cool and interesting things with the existing tools, document best practices, and expand the VoIP Drupal suite.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on the VoIP Drupal discussion group, send us an email (voipdrupal AT, or come to any of our upcoming events!


-- the VoIP Drupal team


Voice Quality on video questionable

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Amazing! MIT produced a video on VOIP with poor sound quality.

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