VoIP Drupal

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We are building a highly innovative framework that integrates Drupal sites with touch tone phones, SMS and Internet-telephony systems.

Our goal is to create a voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) platform that interoperates with existing VoIP PBX implementations (Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Tropo, Twilio and others) to provide Drupal users with the ability to, among other things:

* Record, send and receive audio messages
* Create and manage audio groups
* Add audio events to a shared calendar
* Organize phone-based polls
* Send meeting reminders
* Collect stories
* Broadcast emergency announcements
* And much more!

VoIP Drupal will change the way you interact with Drupal, your phone and the web! Join our LinkedIn group and learn more about VoIP Drupal at the VoIP Drupal project page, the VoIP Drupal Handbook and the demo site.

If you have any pressing questions, please leave them here or get online support at #drupal-voip (FreeNode IRC). Our IRC Office Hours are usually on Wednesdays @ Noon EST.

The VoIP Drupal team

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Voip case study and example sites

Hi guys, I was very excited to see this group as we in Kamva need to create a Voip service for our support team. I prefer to do it inhouse and connect it to our support systems.

It would be very helpful to see a few example case studies and sites to see what's possible and take inspiration from.

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Ok i think i have local dialed in.

pendleton-or.us "The most accurate and up-to-date" Would love to here the negatives.

we have about 2000 businesses in Pendleton, Oregon, USA

Using lat/lon for address (plus regular address.) reading is 4' in front of door plus have a 2nd door lat/lon field and quick lat/lon map. (great for chow carts.) using blackberry satellite app not using cell tower lat/lon do not have a computer phone, still seeing if the 2 jive.

paying people $1.00 per update/database correction. This one thing changes everything.

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voice sms broadcasting with freeswitch


Is there any tutorial or documentation to follow in order to make a system fo sms and voice broadcasting using drupal voip and freeswitch (or asterisk)?

I need a solution for broadcasting in a system that will be in the phone carrier network, so I can't use twillio or any other provider.


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Towards the implementation of VoIP Drupal 2.0

Hello everyone,

Although things have been relatively slow here on the forum for the past year or so, we have been actively implementing new systems based on VoIP Drupal.

In fact, we are now currently in the process of designing VoIP Drupal 2.0 and figuring out what it might take to port the framework to Drupal 8. Although the VoIP Drupal API has been quite stable for the past 5 years, we have learned many things along the way and decided that it was time to take VoIP Drupal to the next level.

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VoIP Drupal API modules have disappeared from downloads

VoIP Drupal API modules have disappeared from downloads...


(Look pages of modules)

What to do?


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VoIP Extension field

I installed VoIP Extension on D7.
VoIP server configuration - Troppo
In new type of a material "Contact in phonebook" has created a field "Phone number" and Field type "VoIP Extension"
As a result I have a usual text field.
I believe, what VoIP Extension creates the link for a VoIP-script. True or not?
How field VoIP Extension on D7 should work?


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iCrossing website Re-brand

I am happy to announced that our project re brand http://www.icrossing.com is live now. Should we put a snapshot to drupal.org showcase page?

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Power To Connect with VoIP Drupal - Beta Launch!!!

The agaric team has launched the BETA version of PowerToConnect.com We are using VoIP Drupal to enable Event Organizers and participants to send and receive messages using a regular phone.

BoF (Birds of a feather) organizers can send text updates to interested people that have signed up, or attendees can call +1 617 648-5578 and enter the extension of the BoF to hear updates, or subscribe to a Bof and receive txt updates.

Come help us test it out by posting your BoF session, or subscribing to one for DrupalCon Austin!

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VoIP Drupal - Your Site and a Regular Phone... installed in 20 minutes!

2014-06-19 06:30 - 08:30 America/New_York
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

This is an introduction to VoIP Drupal and how you can use it on your site to allow visitors to call and receive information, or your Website can call or text members (Call Blast). You can create an instant conference line, or setup a PBX style system where the caller can make choices on what extension they reach. Each entity can have a unique phone extension.

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Trouble Configuring Tropo


I have configured VoIP Drupal to use Tropo by the book. when i dial the number i get a bust tone... Tropo logs says 301 redirect error... the support guy told me the error is in

Declaration of Call::__construct() must be compatible with BaseClass::__construct()
in /public_html/sites/all/modules/voipdrupal/modules/voiptropo/tropo_webapi/tropo.class.php
on line 845

FYI everything was working fine just few months back... has anything changed?

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Welcome to India with VoIP Drupal!

The VoIP Drupal team has been pretty busy over the past 4 months! Now we are very excited to announce major updates that have been incorporated into the new 7.x-1.0-beta5 release. Among other things, we

  • added new voices to the VoIP Twilio module. From now on, your Twilio applications can talk in Catalan, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, German, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish!
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VoIP Drupal in DrupalCon Prague

Hello all,

I will be running a BoF gathering about VoIP Drupal framework in DrupalCon Prague on Thursday 26.Sep 10:45-11:45. For additional information, have a look at:


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[Plivo] Call Failed To Connect (error_message: (voipplivocore) Invalid plivo_: @)

Current status on getting VoIP Drupal to work with Plivo (framework):

  1. When I dial in X-Lite says "Call Failed To Connect".
  2. I can curl http://username:password@ (see http://pastebin.com/PhCKiAkG).
  3. I can curl (see http://pastebin.com/RB0a9jdQ).
  4. Looking at the VoIP Call Log (http://pastebin.com/xp0zwESd), for come reason the user is always "Anonymous" and odly, every other call the Caller Name is filled or blank; the Caller Number is always the same (1001).
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Can't Find Callhandler File For Plivo

Moving a comment thread here.

Can't Find Callhandler File For Plivo
Posted by bdrhoa on May 12, 2013 at 2:26am

I'm trying to get voip drupal working with freeswitch via plivo.
The README.txt says to set DEFAULT_ANSWER_URL = http://mysite.com/voip/plivo/callhandler/
But there is no callhandler file or directory that I can find.

Also, I registered fro the group about a week ago, but haven't been approved yet.


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Re: Can't Find Callhandler File For Plivo
Posted by leoburd on May 12, 2013 at 1:47pm

Hello Brad,

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Adding SMS reminders to COD events and other powerful ideas

Hello all,

It was great to meet everyone at DrupalCon and see so much energy around COD!

We are considering building a COD add-on to make it easier for people to receive notifications, check status and submit feedback to conference sessions via SMS and voice calls. What do you think?

In order to do so, we're planning to use VoIP Drupal, a Drupal framework that makes it easier to build communication systems integrating web, sms and touchtone phones (https://drupal.org/project/voipdrupal).

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VoIP Drupal at DrupalCon Portland 2013

Hello all,

Are you going to Drupal Con Portland next week? If so, let's get together to learn more about the latest and greatest features of the VoIP Drupal platform and brainstorm about the cool web, SMS and voice applications we can build with it!

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Question about using Tropo WebAPI


I have a question regarding the security when using Tropo in the VoIP Drupal application. Say I am building an application using VoIP Drupal with Tropo. I understand that VoIP Drupal uses Tropo WebAPI. Say this application requires user to enter the username and password using regular touchtone phones. What security does VoIP Drupal or Tropo provide for such sensitive data? Any suggestions please.


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The new VoIP Drupal Beta is out!!

Hello all,

After over 5 months in the making, we are proud to announce the release of the new VoIP Drupal betas: 6.x-1.0-beta14 and 7.x-1.0-beta3.

This release brings important new improvements to the VoIP Drupal platform, including:

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Drupal Meetup, Lekki, Lagos

We (Audax) are pleased to announce a Drupal meetup, training/networking session in Lekki in about 2 weeks, as the 1st topic/subject of our relevant, practical, IT-focussed, "Audax Lecture Series".

This will hold on Wednesday 13th of March, 2013 at Audax Solutions, Plot 24, Block 113, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Details of the event will soon be up here & all over social media platforms.

Audax (Venue) Pictures: http://goo.gl/wNhlz

Venue Directions (Google Maps): http://goo.gl/maps/r9PYl
Venue Directions (Bing): http://binged.it/Xh9apa

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Building voice, SMS and web portals with VoIP Drupal

Hello all,

This year, we are proposing two sessions for DrupalCon Portland. Please add your comments to our session proposals so that they can get stronger and be selected by the organizing committee!

The first session, "BUILDING VOICE, SMS AND WEB PORTALS WITH VOIP DRUPAL" (http://bit.ly/YlsT5f) is aimed at intermediate-level Drupal programmers. It will provide a good technical overview of the inner workings of VoIP Drupal and showcase how it can be used in the creation of highly-sophisticated systems integrating voice, SMS and the web.

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