Basic Drupal 7 Programming - Self Learn Training Kit

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This self-learn training kit will teach how to create and administer a Drupal 7 web site.Topics covered include Drupal installation, content creation and editing , back end administration , site migration and backup . No programming skills required for this course .

Self Train Kit is useful for personal and group training and includes :
Tutorial files includes : HTML,PDF,PPS (presentation), Quiz , Notes, Workshop
Runs on windows , Linux, OS computer. Nothing to install. Just unzip on your computer , flash drive , cd

Topic 1 Introduction to Drupal
Topic 2 Basic Drupal Concepts and Features
Topic 3 How to Install Drupal 7 - Several methods discussed
Topic 4 How to add, classify and view content in the Drupal 7 site
Topic 5 Overview of Drupal administration tasks
Topic 6 Basic Drupal 7 back end administration
Topic 7 Using Taxonomy to classify and organize content
Topic 8 How to move an old static site to Drupal
Topic 9 How to back up and how to migrate your Drupal site
Topic 10 How to improve performance and security of your Drupal site

Cost - $125 / £85 / €120

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Free Basic Drupal 7 Self

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Free Basic Drupal 7 Self Study Kit Demo Download :

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