Managing translations in code

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I am working on a fairly large site that is being translated into multiple languages and I'm keeping as much configuration as possible in code using features, strongarm, etc. I'd also like to keep translations in code if possible but I can't find any straightforward way of doing this.

Since I have separate dev, staging, and live servers, I'm currently visiting the languages page, exporting each translation manually, and then importing manually to each server... this is time-consuming and error-prone, as it's easy to forget to import or export one of the translations.

Is anyone managing translations in code? If so, how are you doing so? I'd love to have some advice about how to handle this situation.


Take a look.

Take a look.


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Have you tried Trados Studios. This is a software memory software that might help you. If you have question about Creole translation this site might be helpful.