The Status of NodeStream with PHP 5.4

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What is the status of using PHP 5.4 (which has many memory improvements, apparently) with drupal, and in particular, NodeStream?


Hi! The status of NodeStream

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The status of NodeStream 2 is the same as Drupal 7 in general, and I don't think there are that many issues currently.

PHP 5.4 doesn't have that many things that breaks backwards-compatibility and is a much less radical release compared to PHP 5.2 => 5.3, so I think things should work pretty decently. That said, I have yet to try NodeStream out on PHP 5.4. I encourage you to try it out and see if you find any issues with it, if so, feel free to post bug reports in our issue queue.

NodeStream 1 is Drupal 6, and will not support PHP 5.4.

//Fabian Sörqvist

It's working out well. My

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It's working out well. My experience here: is mostly applicable to NodeStream.


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