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The NodeStream group is the place for general discussion and community building around the NodeStream Drupal distribution. This is also a way of making internal discussions around NodeStream within NodeOne public, to let everyone participate around NodeStream.

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Successors to Open Publish?

Since Phase2 has unceremoniously dumped Open Publish, what are some alternative distributions for publishers?

1) Nodemaker --
Started with promise -- especially since it was tied to the launch of ThemeGeeks, Himerus' premium Omega theme company.
Sadly, Nodemaker has seen almost no development since about the same time Phase2 gave up on OP.
Also, Theme Geeks hasn't launched yet. It was supposed to launch this time last year. Best thing about Nodemaker was that it was Omega based -- so it fit fairly nicely with OP.

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How do I create a promo group?

Hi, I am playing around with Nodestream 2.0 for the purpose of a newspaper site. I notice that I can introduce my articles into so called Promo Groups, and this sounds interesting. But I haven't found out yet how I should go about to have two or more articles in the same promo group. For now I only get one group per article. Any advice?

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Add a vocabulary to a content type in NodeStream 7.x-2.0-rc5

I'm trying to put POLLS into the Regions (MAIN COLS # and ASIDE) But I can't add a TOPIC REGIONS taxonomy (vocabulary) to the POLL

I'm using this procedure in Drupal but Nodestream can't manage fields

How can add a vocabulary to a content type in NodeStream?


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Rich Snippets support Nodestream

I am trying microdata and modules for rich snippets.But I can't make.Is there a plan for support rich snippets or any patch for nodestream.

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The State of NodeStream 29/11 2012

It was a long while ago that I wrote a status update about what is happening with NodeStream, this post attempts to summarize what is going on right now.

Support for panopoly features

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Topics, Topic regions and Promos

Is it possible have a frontpage with multiple Topics, holding multiple regions. And category pages with Topics, and regions different from the ones on the front page?

For some reason it seems impossible to render content in the Taxonomy/term page, when trying to attach a View pane, other than the default "Topic listing" provided by NS. (content: Region)

Creating dynamic formatters/mini panels for the default vocabulary: "ns_prod_news_topic_region" is no problem. But I cant seem to replicate the logic onto pages other than the front page.

Am i going about this the wrong way?

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How to Use Google For Publishers for Ads?

I use Google for Publishers to serve my ads. How do I replace the default Nodestream ad platform with GFP?


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How toChange Default Facts Box Background Color?

I'd like to change the color of the background to match those shown in the example articles.

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Newest NodeStream Examples Live?

Can anyone share a live example of the latest default NodeStream?

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Create Related Articles by Taxonomy Term Automatically with Maximum Number of Related Articles (i.e. 6 Max Related)

Is there a way to relate existing articles when creating new content? I assume that it might be a rule?

Assumptions: There are articles that already have a taxonomy of "crime."
1.Create new article
2. Instead of manually associating Related Articles in Article creation page, have the LAST 6 (for example) Related Articles with the Taxonomy Term of "crime" relate to the new Article automatically.

I am thinking that this might be able to be done with a rule, but that level of complexity is outside my realm.


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What is the best way to Responsive Theming NodeStream?

I want to make NodeStream responsive. So I looked around an found the Omega theme. With a very nice self sub theme installer! I yet have to see what is the right way to go, as to theming NodeStream. I also installed Lucid, and see that it [out of the box] looks like it is playing better with NodeStream. Why is that?

So what would be the steps to theme NodeStream?

Adventurous greetings,

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Keeping NodeStream up to par with the developments.

Hello everybody,

I am a novice Drupal user. I actually started out in Drupal 6 and the book "Using Drupal". Installed a Marinelli theme and was testing a while. But testing while traveling constantly is not a very good option.

Now I am in a situation where I am able to sit with decent internet connection for a few months and set up an environment in Drupal 7 with NodeStream. This setup appeals to me! I like what you guys did with NodeSteam.

I want to setup a Responsive website, so I downloaded the PageManagers video's from NodeOne and want to install the Lucid theme to work on that.

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The state of NodeStream April 4, 2012

We finally released NodeStream alpha11, bringing in new versions of several modules, among them Panels, which includes the new panels in-place editor.

We also added support for translations using the awesome Entity translation module. The implementation is in form of a feature that will enable entity translations for all content types in NodeStream once it's enabled. We also made sure this works with the blog and the newspaper product, and it all seems to be working really nicely.

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Help With Domain Access and Nodestream

I pray this the right forum to post this inquiry...Hello, I am using Nodestream and domain access module. I have already created the sub-domains I needed. Now my question is how to 'push' (for lack of a better word) content to a particular sub-domain so it's (the article or advert is not visible to the other sub domains.)
The Domains created are as follows Nairobi, Nakuru and Test. Basically I want the articles meant for Nakuru to be either automatically routed using Taxonomy or manually using a sub-domain list/drop down.Need I say am a novice at this. Thank you

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The state of NodeStream w. 13

We have focused on getting NodeStream more theme-independent and we have started outlining our multilingual strategy.

NodeStream and multilingual content

We are currently focusing on making NodeStream a good platform for multilingual sites. This is a traditionally hard problem and with Drupal 7 there are two ways of solving it, Entity translation and the core translation module. The two approaches fit different sites, so we obviously need to support both.

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The Status of NodeStream with PHP 5.4

What is the status of using PHP 5.4 (which has many memory improvements, apparently) with drupal, and in particular, NodeStream?

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The state of NodeStream w. 11

We have spent our time working on separating the NodeStream newspaper product from core. It now has it's own project and we will ship with it instead of the feature in ns_core today. There will be an update hook to get you safely on the new feature when go from alpha8 to alpha9.

We also did some pretty heavy module upgrades, like the latest version of Entity Reference, which might affect you.

We also released a new version of NodeStream 1 last week, 1.4. It was purely a module upgrade release and shouldn't have any harmful impact.

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Feed Aggrigator creating duplicate entries, one for node, one for promo

I have Articles assigned to a separate vocabulary and taxonomy and it is pulling both the promo and article in the feed. The feed is in a separate region and is pulling the RSS from the Feed Aggrigator with a single taxonomy/term. Why is that happening?

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Article and Promo dates don't appear to be in sync

When creating a new article the promo is created as expected, but when I assign a back date, it appears that the date is not copied to the promo. Example: I create an article today, 3/13 with the authoring date of 2012-03-01 1200 but the promo date is 2012-03-13 . I would have expected that the date that was assigned to the article would also post on the promo as well.

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Nodestream Newspaper App

I am mainly going to use NS2 for Newspaper production purposes, and i got the feeling that i am missing something.
It has come to my attention that NS Newspaper has been separated from NS core -

Excactly what does that mean ?
I had the option to install the Newspaper production during the setup, and yet it tells me that the App is not installed (the Blog app is)
Has it been separated from 7.x-2.0-alpha8 or will it be separated from 7.x-2.0-alpha9 or later?

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