Paying for the Plumbing: Group Purpose

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It's easy to make a living using Drupal. It's far more difficult to make a living building Drupal. At present the community relies largely on volunteer time, a few generous companies that have the ability to subsidize people's time, or the rare case where one organization is willing to foot the bill for the first copy cost. But increasingly, we all depend on "tools to build tools", such as Fields, Views, Drupal core enhancements, and other frameworks or API's that make our work point-and-click. How do individuals and organizations make the building of Drupal's plumbing sustainable?

This group looks to consolidate some of these ideas and discussions in one place, providing a venue for people to discuss creative funding solutions or business models that can add sustainability and a source of income for individuals contributing back to Drupal, whether that's through work on Core, contributing modules or themes, or building new frameworks for other developers to use in their own development.


I'de really like to see some

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I'de really like to see some responsibility from several larger Drupal companies that are making good money (including Acquia) to setup some "Issue Bounties", where people can pickup a set amount of cash for fixing bugs and not for implementing new features

this is a problem that plagues every large opensource project.