The state of NodeStream w. 13

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We have focused on getting NodeStream more theme-independent and we have started outlining our multilingual strategy.

NodeStream and multilingual content

We are currently focusing on making NodeStream a good platform for multilingual sites. This is a traditionally hard problem and with Drupal 7 there are two ways of solving it, Entity translation and the core translation module. The two approaches fit different sites, so we obviously need to support both.

We are going to create two features to support translations of our content in core, one for entity translation and one for core translations. Both features will make all NodeStream content translatable, using the two different methodologies. This will provide a good out of the box experience for site builders.

Our products (currently blog and newspaper) will then support both features, so end users can pick whatever solution works in their use case.

As an addition, we will also provide another feature that can be used together with the two content translation features that will make things like menus translatable through the i18n module.

The lucid theme

We have put in a lot of work to make lucid the default theme in NodeStream. We realized however that this might be too much work to get into NodeStream before stable release. If you have any opinions on this, please comment on this issue.


NodeStream multilingual features

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Hi fabsor,
Could you please let us know if NodeStream multilingual features will be available soon or if this howto will work with NodeStream:
We have a website project that is bilingual and needs to be finished ~ at the end of summer and would like to try NodeStream distro for it.

Thank you,


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