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Integrating SENCHA TOUCH with DRU-PAL

Sencha touch is a HTML5 mobile JavaScript framework for web applications.I will integrate Sencha touch with drupal, it will use drupal at back end and Sencha touch at front end.It will allow HTML5 and JavaScript created apps to be compiled into native apps and they can be uploaded to the apps stores
of android,blackberry and iPhone.

I have two major tasks to complete. First is to create an android based application using Sencha touch libraries. Second is to create a module which will interface drupal with sencha touch.This will allow HTML5 and JavaScript created apps to be compiled into native apps.These apps can be uploaded to the app stored of android,blackberry and iPhone.

I would be very delighted to contribute the open source community.
Creating a module to interface drupal with sencha touch includes
2)uploading of articles
3)listing of articles

Creating a application is lengthy task and will require a lot of testing.A lot debugging will have to be done for the app to be working perfectly.The same generic HTML5 code will be used for all the platforms which makes the task comparatively easy and thus saving lot of time.The major challenge is running the application on all the three platforms.



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Can anyone help me with where do i need send the application of my idea.
Do i need to mail it or anything like that.

Please reply asap

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me too

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i have mostly the same goal:
use drupal as backend, sencha as front and then process through phonegap

any feedback on similar projects are appreciated, otherwise i shall post in there my experience