M/W/XAMPP Solutions for Local Development

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2012-04-27 12:00 - 13:30 America/New_York
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User group meeting

Where: Classroom building at Kadampa Center (the building to the right of the main building). The Center can be a challenge to get to - it is in the midst of the "spaghetti" intersection near where Hillsborough and Western meet.

Map and Directions: http://www.kadampa-center.org/contact-us


11:45-12:00: Arrive
12:00-12:10: Introductions and Announcements
12:10-1:00/1:30ish: Kyle Skrinak will talk us through options for setting up a quick local environment for development. Followed by a general "Does any know how to..."/"Here's something neat.." open question session.


This is a Bring Your Own Lunch event. There are a few places in the area to stop on your way - Sonic at the intersection of Western and Hillsborough, NeoMonde (off Hillsborough), etc.

Sign up at: http://www.meetup.com/triDUG/events/60183772/


Streaming for Friday's meeting

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Hi Everyone!

I've set up a UStream Channel for our meeting on Friday. We'll start it up just before the meeting starts:


We could also set up a Hangout in Google Plus for those who want to as questions and be more involved interactively. Anyone interested in that? If so, email me and we'll set that up too.




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Here is what I found for telling MAMP's apache to rotate logs:

ErrorLog "/Applications/MAMP/logs/apache_error.log"

ErrorLog "|/Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/rotatelogs /Applications/MAMP/logs/apache_error.log 5M"

I've updated my httpd.conf to see if this works.

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