Version Control API now mirrored on Github

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At least for the duration of SoC 2009, we're shifting upstream development of Version Control API to Github, with regular syncs from and to Drupal CVS. Feel free to fork one or more of the modules into your own branch, commit and push your own changes without upstream approval, and send merge pull requests when the feature is done.

This move is being done because both of our SoC students as well as at the majority of mentors is fluent in Git, and the simultaneously developing branches is made a lot easier with a distributed version control system.

Here's the list of Version Control API related repositories on Github:

Also, kudos to Version Control API maintainer Sam Boyer for his drupal-git-scripts that enabled me to create and maintain those repositories.



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Thanks for the repos!

Just a little detail: tags were not imported :-( (at least in versioncontrol repo)


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looking at the wrong branch :p ... starting the work!

case of the missing tags

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I don't see any tags in the repos, do you? I doubt it's that big of a deal, but I'd like not be losing my mind :)

not missing anymore.

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You were right, the tags were indeed missing. Not anymore though, they're up now since a minute or so.

in case you were wondering

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Use this link to find Sam's drupal-git-scripts.

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