Sawtell/Coffs Harbour May Meetup

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2012-05-02 05:30 Australia/Sydney
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User group meeting

@ Alma Technology, 81 First Ave., Sawtell.

This was going to be the April meet up but as is increasingly usual we are all too busy.
Much to be discussed. We no doubt have many notes to be compared, here are some topics of the top off my head:

  • I am looking forward to the May progress report on Matthews fantastically useful Micro module and real world examples of Micro in action
  • Although not yet officially launched CoffsConnect could well have hit the presses by time we meet.
  • Matthew has kindly offered to try, once again, to explain an aspect of git to the clueless. This time around I have a project which could use some git subtree magic and if we have enough interested onlookers we could have a hack at it (note to self: read up on it 1st)
  • CoLab news - well there isn't any really. But who knows maybe there will be by the time we meet.
  • John Albin and pals seem to be getting stuck into changing our futures, Could be interesting to see where that is heading.
  • Lots to discuss, n00bs welcome if only to bring us back down to earth!

I could go on there are so many exciting things going on (Symfony, Drupal 8, Micro, jquery goodness, mobile, compass) I don't have enough time to follow them all - this is your chance to share what is pushing your buttons!


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