May Meetup

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Does anyone have interest in doing a May meeting?




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I'm required (as part of my job) to attend TriadDUG every month -- so yes. I'd be interested in a May meeting.

Site builder, writer, trainer, graphic designer

Yes, I would attend

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Yes. I would attend. I would like to know how to upgrade modules without crashing the site. How to back up properly.

Yes, thank you.

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Yes, thank you. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again and hearing what you've been up to!

Following our Wed evening pattern, would 6:30pm on the 16th be okay for everyone? I could go ahead and make the reservation at the K'ville library again unless there's another suggested location.

If not the 16th then how about the 23rd?

As for the discussion, I'd be happy to talk about how I do my backups and upgrades in Drupal. It will involve some shell commands and very simple scripting.

Would love to hear others talk about how they are using Omega theme and suggested best-practices for customizing it.

Reserved the 16th

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I have reserved the conference room at the Kernersville Library, and created an event here at DG, for the evening of May 16th, 6:30pm until...


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