Basel DUG meet-up - May 2012 - Translations and Localization

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2012-05-24 18:45 - 22:00 Europe/Zurich
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User group meeting

The very first Basel DUG meet-up in April was fun. We are meeting again in May on 24th in Basel to discuss problems we are facing and share knowledge. The topic of this meet-up is going to be all about How to make Drupal sites in different languages - translations and localization (be it content or user interface).

Everyone is welcome to come. You don't need to have Drupal skills, it's enough, if you are interested into web. :)

Place: This time we will try the Irish Pub - - it is very close to the Basel SBB train station.

Agenda (draft):
18:45 - 19:15 - Getting to know each other
19:15 - 19:25 - Introduction to multilingual Drupal
19:40 - 20:00 - getting French translations on using Entity Translation - Dave - incrn8
20:05 - 20:25 - Apachesolr and it's multilingual capabilities - Stefan - ducdebreme
20:30 - 20:50 - Visitors country detection and forwarding - fails and approaches - Marek - sign
20:50 - ?? "Chit Chat"

If anyone wants to showcase what they are doing with Drupal and/or share knowledge, latest findings, etc... let us know in the comments and we will add you to the agenda.

Please sign-up below.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

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Visiting from Canada

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Hi folks,

I'm going to be in Geneva for that week, and Marek suggested I come and hang out with you all. I can talk about the work I did getting French translations on using Entity Translation.


Cool, i will join you! Maybe

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Cool, i will join you! Maybe I can talk about Apachesolr and it's multilingual capabilities ... this is a very Swiss subject ... :-)

Thank you guys, you were both

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Thank you guys, you were both added to the programme :)

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... just wanted to briefly make aware of the Code Sprint 2012 which took place in January and was organised by the Zurichan association Drupal Events ( — founded 2011, consisting of three core members. The sprint's outcome can be found on and is called Translation Management Tool. It is brand new, which is why you probably won't even have heard about it.

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Philip, are you coming down

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Philip, are you coming down next week? If so, do you want to held a short presentation about this?

And thanks for pointing this tool out!

Hey Marek …

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Hey Marek,
Well, yes, if anyhow possible I drop in. I've contacted the people from Drupal Events (Michi, Jos and Miro) and the TMGMT maintainer resp. main contributor called Sascha 'Berdir' Grossenbacher. Let's see, in the best case you will be visited by one of these guys directly. They are able to give you more in-depth information about the module than me.

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Translation Management Tools Presentation

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There's also a translation management tools presentation that happened in vienna a week ago.

It explains the fundamentals of the TMGMT project and provides a starting point for the next big ste forward.
We're currently developing the project to its next big milestone and improve UI / UX a lot and provide more overview. That's also why we recently decided to continue the codesprint from january next week in our office adhoc.

If you're interested in this project and like to collaborate, please join the team and contribute. We're here Monday 2012-05-21 .. Friday 26 from 09-1900 (with expected more open ends) ;-)
Checkout our ADHOC-Sprint announcement here:

I'm sorry, that i won't make it to your user group meeting, since we have a lot to do here. I still wish you big of audience and a lot of Drupal fun!

Astonishing Drupal Universe

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What an astonishing Drupal universe — I didn't know about these recent developments.

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That is a very cool looking

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That is a very cool looking module and definitely something I'll be looking at. I could possibly stop in on Wed 23 May, but I would be coming up from Geneva. Are you guys within walking distance from the train station? Or do I need to do some public transport switching to get to you? Google maps suggests a second train and then a bus. I assume I can get by with English if I do stop by.

Miro's new office in Altstetten

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Looks like Miro's new office is actually not far from Zurich Altstetten train station (~15 mins foot march). I haven't been there yet myself, but I am curious about how the place might look.
Hm, anyhow, if you depart from Geneva, proposes you to travel to Zurich HB (main station) first and from there a.) to take the number 31 bus (direction Schlieren) or b.) to take a train to Altstetten station first and from there to take the number 31 bus. The number 31 bus stops at Zurich Micafil -- which looks like that: ! From there it is not far anymore to Miro's office. Actually a very uncomplicated journey, don't worry, Dave.

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Awesome, thanks Philipp. If

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Awesome, thanks Philipp. If all goes well, then I'll come by. We've had some problems already with this trip, so I'm not going to commit 100% to being there :)

The place we have chosen is

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The place we have chosen is the Irish Pub - - it is very close to the Basel SBB train station. See you there tomorrow! We have a table reserved there.


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