VoIP Drupal Hands On Experience Screencasts

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I am starting to create a series of Screencasts for VoIP Drupal modules that work right out of the box. I would love some critical feedback to assure that the Screencasts are helpful and have all the relevant info to allow a novice to follow along and setup a module like Click2Call easily.
I have created a first draft of VoIP Drupal Hands On Experience with CCK and Click2Call.

If you would like to be a part of the test group or help create some new Webinars, Screencasts and Tutorials, please email me - micky@drupalconnection.com


Nice work Micky

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Nice work Micky on the screencast, thanks for the time. digging into to voip heavy in July. The voip basic install screencast helped much. Thanks again,