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I'm considering using PostgreSQL for my next Drupal 7 install, as I think it may be faster. I am worried that I may run into issues because PostgreSQL isn't as well supported. I don't want to be surprised after many hours of work by finding out that I can't do something that must be done. Is it easy to switch back to MySQL if I find I've made a mistake? Is PostgreSQL actually faster?

Can you give any advice, or point me to some useful pages?



Its better in d7

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Postgres enjoys much better support in drupal 7 do to contrib modules embracing dbtng. In most cases i have been sucessful at getting issues resolved with module authors by suggesting they embrace dbtng calls. This was not true for drupal 6.

It is not easy to switch back to mysql once committed to postgres. You are basically looking at a content migration project. That is a very real concern.

I wont speak to the speed argument, because much will depend on your hosting providers support level for postgres vs. mysql, but postgres installs are often cleaner than mysql installs. This is due to the ddl transactional support in postgres. Whan an update script fails in postgres, it rolls back all the way. Not so in mysql.

Okay. Speed is important to

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Okay. Speed is important to me. I have a very slow query using Views, Drupal 6, with MySQL. I want to avoid this in future websites. I know that I can tweak the database to make it run better, but if I could avoid learning anything about database optimization I would prefer to. Metzierd, it seems I must get my head out of the sand and learn how databases work, but it is good to know that postgres enjoys better support in Drupal 7.



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