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Welcome to the Postgresql group. Hope we can find out a way how the Drupal code can be more accessible to PostgreSQL users. If you don't know what PostgreSQl is, don't panic; visit for more help. But please dont ask here specific postgresql questions. Thank you :)

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Storage API is incompatible with Postgres

Storage API is incompatible with Postgres. I've submitted a bug report but the developer won't fix, since he is not a Postgres user.

I thought someone here would want to take a look.


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PostgreSQL issue in CRM Core

I've posted a patch for a PostgreSQL issue in the CRM Core module (, but so far no takers on reviewing it. Anyone want to review it so we can get this pushed forward?

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Need Review of Views Patch to improve workaround for pg Alias Limit 63 chars

In D8 Views got a fix to limit aliases to 60 chars plus increment #s to not run afoul of pg's 63 char limit. While both D8 and D7 may need some further review, the D7 patch most certainly needs review! See below:

D7 patch:
D8 patch:

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Drupal core's issue with postgresql


I have found this specific issue with postgresql: .
Do you know a solution for this?


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Does Drupal support DISTINCT ON (field1, field2)

Hi guys,

I'm new to postgreSQL in Drupal and can't figure out how to do a DISTINCT ON select within drupal's query classes with declared fields like this:

SELECT DISTINCT ON (field1, field2) field1, field2, field3 FROM table1

I see you can set a query as $query->distinct(TRUE) but that just seems to add the word DISTINCT, which if I understand it, just makes sure that all columns combined are unique.

Is this possible to pass those DISTINCT ONs to a funciton or should I rewrite my query to do it some other way?

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Menu token module needs your love

I'm the maintainer of Menu Token module. It has a bug related to PostgreSQL so looking for support in this channel.

Actually, never tried the module in a PostgreSQL installation before, bug reports are welcome!

Thanks in advance for your support!

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Help with exporting drupal on postgre from live server onto MAC

Hello guys. I have been working with standart drupal/mysql for quite some time and have never had a problem even with migrating back and forth on the server and locally.

Recently i got a project of a drupal site that was developed on Postgresql and i need to develop a new theme, work with the functionality and do some testing.

I got the files on my mac and everything is ok besides the database.

I have postgresql installed, pgadmin and the phpPGadmin interface too but i cant seem to get it right.

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Help us solve a Drupal 8 / pg9 critical issue re: transactions

We're currently working on issues that are blocking Drupal 8 installation on postgresql. Please stop by the issue queue and tell us your opinion:

#2001350: Drupal 8 cannot be installed on Postgresql

The current issue summarized by Damien:

I suspect that we are hitting this now because PostgreSQL recently (in version 9, if I remember correctly) got support for transactional DDL. As a consequence the DDL statements that previously caused the previous (aborted) transaction to be cleared out do not anymore.

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Any contributed module are known buggy to postgresql?


I have a VPS which i run OpenERP with Postgres and currently I'm thinking to move my Drupal 7 ecommerce site from shared hosting to the VPS also. because the VPS are running only 512mb and OpenERP can only run on MySQL so I'm thinking to convert the database from MySQL to Postgresql for my Drupal commerce site.

So i'm trying to gather information see any fellows member here has problem using postgresql with contributed module here.


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Shared tables with PostgreSQL

Hi all,

I've had good experiences with PostgreSQL and D7. No more repair tables stuff if something gliched ;-)
But now I run into a PostgreSQL specific issue: I want to share tables for users (including sessions and profile data) between different sites (all in one multi-site setup if that matters). I've done this before with D6 and MySQL but D7 gives me the following error:

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Postgres Signature module

Hi there!

In our recent project we had implemented 'personalized' database querying, so all queries from particular user executed (and appears in SQL log) as dedicated Postgres user.

Maybe someone find it useful for same purpose or for future evolution - like setting some users with more priority, limiting users activity, etc.

The project was initially published with sandbox status, then promoted to regular

Thank you,

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INSTALLATION: PostgreSQL is not showing up as option under database configuration

  1. Web Server: apache 2.2.22 on Windows
  2. Using php as apache module version 5.3.13
  3. PostgresSQL 9.0 is FULLY functional with other PHP applications.

Installed Drupal 7 - and started configuration with


go through all steps with no errors until "Database configuration" under which I see only two options:

  1. MySQL, MariaDB or equivalent
  2. SQLlite

As mentioned PostgreSQL is working just fine. So, the solution in

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Drupal developer | Startup

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

We are seeking to work with a Drupal developer who can help us migrate from D6 to D7 and consult and develop on various sections of the site.

Please let me know if you would like to further discuss and review design documents.


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Migrating a MySQL Drupal to PostgreSQL

After several hours of uncertainty it seems that I have managed to migrate a MySQL Drupal to a PostgreSQL. So I want to share my experience with this group where I think could be useful.

There are several problemas to solve: table structure translation, autoincrement values / sequences, serialized data, etc.

I've tried several ways, but always I came up against some problem.

Database schema

MySQL and PostgreSQL use different data types for its columns, they define its tables in its own way, you can't use MySQl definitions.

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I'm considering using PostgreSQL for my next Drupal 7 install, as I think it may be faster. I am worried that I may run into issues because PostgreSQL isn't as well supported. I don't want to be surprised after many hours of work by finding out that I can't do something that must be done. Is it easy to switch back to MySQL if I find I've made a mistake? Is PostgreSQL actually faster?

Can you give any advice, or point me to some useful pages?


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Postgres Compatibility patches languishing for lack of review/input

If anyone is interested in jumping in to help, this is a list of some PostgreSQL compatibility patches needing review/input. Some have never gotten any responses; others need some input from the Postgres-knowledgable.

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Drupal7, PostgreSQL, bytea and unserialize


My attempts to get working Drupal7 with PostgreSQL db has no success.
Drupal7 and PostgreSQL db are installed.
The first request to my site gives an error message:
"Parameter of unserialize function should be string"
at the line:
$cache->data = unserialize($cache->data);
This is reasonable. PDO_pgsq returns a resource for the bytea type, data is of bytea type.

The following steps helped me:
I added the following function:

function newunserialize ($param) {
if (is_resource($param)) {
$ret = unserialize(stream_get_contents($param));
else {

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SOLVED: ldap_query problem in 7.10 w/ldap-7.x-1.0-beta5

By uninstalling LDAP modules, reinstalling, then activating components incrementally
(i.e., saving LDAP Query and LDAP Views components untill last, ldap_query table was created.

My LDAP auth is working like a charm, but I researching a small issue.
Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Drupal 7.10 w/ldap-7.x-1.0-beta5
Version string PostgreSQL 9.1.1, compiled by Visual C++ build 1500, 64-bit
ldap_query discussion at

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Is this group still alive?

Has the activity for this group gone elsewhere?

We're pretty much a Postgres-only shop, and on Drupal, that means that you end up creating plenty of module (and, occasionally, core) patches to correct Postgres incompabilities. I generally post those I create, and usually find that they languish without reviews. Would be nice if I had somewhere I could alert other Postgres users to Postgres compatibility patches that need review. Where would be a good place for that?

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Postgresql 9 and Drupal 6

I'm not ready for Drupal 7 yet. Has anyone installed drupal 6 and postgresql 9 and have it up in production? I'm curious as to if there are major difficulties. Thanks for your input!

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