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Hello Guys,

I am very new to Drupal. I am working on a project to build e-commerce website. I already have installed drupal e-commerce application. I was able to add products and product types. Now I was struck to implement the product display and product search. My client want a complex search by single input field system should search the product name,company,description etc in some relevance order also it should display in customized styles look and feel in product list. If the customer selects a product system should display product details screen with more information with the tabbed format. Each tab should show some specific details like long description, charts,videos,pricing details etc.

It would be great if you can guide me or hint me how to develop these features. Please provide me a links or tutorials if you have any.

Thanks and Regards
Uday Kumar


There are modules for that

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Hi Uday,

seems that you have a rather challenging project going on...

Note that Drupal Commerce heavily relies on Drupal Core. Read: a lot of features you are asking for are covered by core, Drupalcommerce only delivers commerce-related stuff.

Make sure that you get at least a basic understanding of the modules called Views and Rules.

Learn how to create content types also (was called CCK module in D6, now in core in D7). Commerce needs a content type with a reference to product types.

As for a lot of Drupal projects, the module "Display Suite" is a big help when in comes to determine how content should look like (including search results).

Expect to invest days, not hours in learning those functions. There is plenty of material available on the web, I also recommend one of the many Drupal books out there.

For complex search, implement

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For complex search, implement a SOLR-server, Drupal core's search is ment for very basic use cases.

If you need consulting with commerce, SOLR, or Drupal in general, you can contact us at

If you still need help

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We in Kadabra IT have experience in developing ecommerce web sites with Drupal.
If you need help or outsourcing, please don´t hesitate to contact us. You´ll find we are a good point of contact.
Best regards,
Virginia ( or Luis at

ways to search

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you may be making this a bit difficult - not sure of your client needs but couple of simple solutions that rely on knowing Drupal:

one way to search is through exposed filters - so they can check boxes or click on dropdowns of for specific items in a product - such as colors - you may want to look at all t-shirts that are red, or all t-shirts that are red and long-sleeved, etc.

Since commerce is built on drupal many of the drupal tools are usable in commerce.

Tabbed content can be defined with views and then using quick tabs, you can display the different features of a product in the tab by using the named view for each tab.

start with Commerce Kickstart

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Hi Maryannking,
You can start with commerce kick start found at . And then mold it to meet you requirements through configurations and using other contributed modules or develop custom ones if not found.


Faceted Search

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You may use Faceted Search.

Find more details here:

Drupal Commerce

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