Google CSE

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I am having trouble implementing google cse on a site. I want the search bar above the menu on the right hand side but i want the search results in the main page over to the left currently it simply places all of the searched for links in the right hand side above the menu.

Any suggestions?



I may need to see/hear a bit

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I may need to see/hear a bit more about how you're trying to accomplish this in Drupal if these instructions don't help...

  1. Once you create your CSE, enter the control panel for the CSE in question (at Google).
  2. Click Look and Feel on the left.
  3. Choose the Two column layout and click the Save & Get Code button. (see
  4. Copy and paste the Search Box code where you want the search box (possibly in a block) and the Search Results code where you want the results (possibly in another block).

Does that help?