Is Drupal compatible with Microsoft Access?

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I am new to Drupal and have managed to create the basic website that my client wants, but they have a MS Access database. I cannot find any information anywhere that even mentions Access in relation to Drupal. Is it possible to have forms (I have created in html) be populated with data from this Access database through msqli queries in php? Any help is greatly appreciated.


To my knowledge, Drupal is

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To my knowledge, Drupal is not compatible with Access. I've found which shows how to convert Access to MySQL.

iMacros can fill in forms

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I used this during our website migration to fill in forms based on rows in a CSV file -

It's not perfect, but takes a lot less technical know how than under-the-hood scripting. Pro tip if you use it - a single special character in your CSV file will cause the job to fail. Run find-and-replace operations on common ones, and if still having problems take it a handful of rows at a time until finding the culprit.

Thanks wfx and jasonsamuels.

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Thanks wfx and jasonsamuels. I kind of thought that Access wouldn't work with Drupal, but this is the first that I have heard one way or the other. I will see if I can get the client to switch over to mySQL instead.