Library BoF at DrupalCamp Colorado

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I just wanted to quickly recap the Library BoF that took place at DrupalCamp Colorado this past weekend. There were about 10 people interested in libraries and Drupal attending, spanning a variety of disciplines, including public, academic, and special libraries, vendors, and consultants.

Discussion centered around the following:

Best modules for libraries. The idea of developing a best practice for libraries (by type) was discussed. Inevitably it seems that a general list of modules and practices for libraries will naturally occur in the community, especially as developers document their implementation process.

Input filters. There was some discussion comparing TinyMCE and Markdown modules. Markdown was mentioned as a simple way for users to enter information without using html. The language is similar but not the same as Mediawiki and has the advantage of being a pretty non-invasive way to format content.

Staff training. Everyone agreed that training in general is a large part of Drupal implementation, particularly regarding entering content and using the input filters. Workflow module was recommended to control content entry by allowing new content to go to a proofread/formatting state before publishing.

Book carousels. Several people shared their methods of implementing book carousels into library websites, including jCarousel Lite, a Bookteller widget, and Views Carousel/CCK, which can also use RSS Feeds.

Future Library BoFs. The group would like to meet on a semi-regular basis in Denver and would like to encourage all interested parties to attend. Everyone was encouraged to join the Libraries Drupal Group to plan this.