administrator cannot edit block content???

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Interested in Drupal, we loaded a D7 site on our server, added a $50 theme, and got started. Unfortunately, we're stymied by something seemingly simple.

Lynn created the site, then created my account and assigned it administrator status. However, my login cannot edit block content. Weird, eh?

While I suspect it'll be something silly, despite our best efforts, we haven't been able to get this working. Since I am the part of the team that creates content, we're stuck unless I login as her. What gives with this? See attached jpg please.

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This may be caused by

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This may be caused by permissions to use the input filter used for that body field. I've not looked at this in D7 but it's possible that the access grant is only looking for explicitly granted permission or user 1 (and possibly not the administrator role).

Stephen, Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for sharing your idea. One question though . . . I went through Administration>People>Permissions and checked every box for Administrator to include "Administer text format and filters".

What have I overlooked? Am I not looking in the right place?

Thanks for responding during a weekend!

John Beech - GM (and janitor)

Did you cleared the cache

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Did you cleared the cache twice after?

Also, try rebuilding the

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Also, try rebuilding the permissions.

What are the permissions set

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What are the permissions set on the block itself? Is admin checked or no boxes checked (which indicates it is viewable for all roles) -- on that same form you posted screenshot of.

You can skype me, whenever you see me on, and I'll try to help figure it out.

The permission for the input

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The permission for the input filter is set on the configuration page-

Be sure that administrator role has access to the filter that the block body is using (probably filtered html).

Aha, the text format for the

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Aha, the text format for the pre-created block of the purchased theme were in php code and configuring php code to be a role for administrators fixed it. Thanks!

By the way, clearing the cache twice? Hitting F5 twice, or is there another way?

John Beech - GM (and janitor)

Drupal's cache

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What @Tabestan was referencing is Drupal's cache. You can reset it by going to Administer > Site configuration > Performance and clicking 'Clear cached data'. Here is a doc for later reference-

You can also install the very

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You can also install the very useful admin_menu module which have a link to clear caches.

A go-to module (literally).

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A go-to module (literally). But, better read the issue queue first. That one has some destructive issues since RC1. RC1 was stable, then RC2 broke sites. RC3 was released with the same issues. Go figure.


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