Setting up a local development environment

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Testing out distributions can be kind of tricky so here's a quick guide to get you up and running on Mac/Linux.

Installing a local Apache Solr instance

Read this article and follow the steps in another sandbox.

We don't care about the apachesolr module, just copying over the configuration files and getting the solr instance up and running.

Cloning the repository

Follow the instructions here:

You can clone the repository anywhere, as we're going to create a symlink to it later on.

Create a virtual host

I don't think anyone needs to be explained how to do this one.

Building the project

Copy the 3 makefiles ".make" into the document root specified in your vhost.

Build the project using drush make:

drush make build-drop_jobs.make

This command will take a while and will build the entire project from the makefile in the current directory.

Build the profile directory

First, create a symlink to the cloned repo with the alias "drop_jobs", inside your profiles directory.

ln -s ~/path/to/drop_jobs_repo ~/path/to/sites/drop_jobs/profiles/drop_jobs

Now, copy over the modules, libraries and themes from the "sites/all" directory to your profile directory so that they look as follows:


NOTE: For some reason the "Entity API" (entity) module gets copied alongside contrib, move it inside the contrib folder so its in the same place as all other modules.


I hope this was useful! If you have any questions or improvements please feel free to commend and edit this wiki!

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300*300 led panel light

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LED PANEL (300X300)

Shenzhen TSLLED Co., LTD.
Address: 3/F,Block 18.Distrit No:2. JiaDeMaLuan Industrial Park,PingShan New District ShenZhen China,

LED Panel 300X300
Energy saving up to 50%.even lighting output.
Wide range of input voltage: AC 100~240V.
Instant start, no flicking, no humming.
New high efficiency constant current driver.
Special circuit design, each group of LEDs work separately, avoiding any problem of lighting output caused or influenced by single faulty LED.
No RF interference.

LED panel second generation product features
1 Input voltage AC 100~240V
2 Panel Input DC 25~35V (350 mA)
3 Power consumption 9.5 W
4 luminous flux 642 lm(white)
477 lm(warm white)
5 Color White
Warm white
6 Color temperature 4000~7000k(White)
2500~4000k(Warm white)
7 Life time >50,000 Hour
8 Operating temperature -20ºC to + 50ºC
9 Storage temperature -30ºC to + 60ºC
10 Luminosity >159.5 Lux(1.2meter, White)

119 Lux(1.2meter, Warm white)
11 Certificates CE . RoHS
12 Weight 1.1 KGS
13 Size 295X295X10.4 mm
14 Water proof IP20

Part number Color Voltage Current Power Luminous Flux
TSL-PL-CC3528-S-W White DC 25~35V 350 mA 9.5 W 642 lm
TSL-PL-CC3528-S-WW Warm white DC 25~35V 350 mA 9.5 W 477 lm
Light Distribution Graph

Illumination Intensity Chart: ( White )

LED Lumen Attenuation:
Operating time(hours) Lumen decrease (%)
5,000 2.3
10,000 5.4
20,000 11.5
50,000 25.2

Panel Size:

Outer carton: 35X31X6 cm
Net weight of each panel: 1.1 KG
Packing Qty: 2 pcs
Mounting means 1 ( Wall installation)

This product is simple and convenient installation. The client may be more reasonable application of the product to fit the scenic spot.Mounting means 2 ( Suspension installation)

This product is simple and convenient installation.The client may be more reasonable application of the product to fit the scenic spot.

Test drop_jobs the easy way

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for newbies that wish to help with bug fix or Q&A you can test the distro on then select drop job


N.B. Drop jobs correct me should I be wrong but it requires limit_memory = 128 mb minimum so if you server has the typical 64 mb well.... that"s not good. work great on a 512mb (usually rent a VPS about 100$/ month you should be good) try it on a share host didn't work at all. Lost 20 hours for nothing.

P.S. Alex well done mate, hats of to you Sir.
I'll try to help you with some commit code, all though I code more in android & iOS lately so my php skills were left at drupal 6. So i'll update myself before :)

Great job once again mate .