Porting VoIP Drupal to D7 – and beyond!

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Hello everyone,

Good news! The MIT Center for Civic Media has recently granted us some funding to port the VoIP Drupal core modules to Drupal 7!

In fact, as you may have already noticed in the VoIP Drupal issue's queue, the porting is moving full steam forward and should be ready in a couple of days! Whenever you have a chance, please download the latest dev version and help us test the code. The more people we get to help us in this process, the better!

Looking ahead, the plan is to open VoIP Drupal more and more to community ownership. The MIT Center for Civic Media will keep porting and improving the platform as needed for its projects. However, if you are particularly interested in sponsoring, porting, or co-maintaining a particular VoIP Drupal module, please let us know. We will be more than happy to answer your questions, review your code and documentation patches, and eventually welcome you to our little team!

The following document describes the current status of the VoIP Drupal D7 porting process: http://bit.ly/MMZgYE

Any volunteers?

Leo and the rest of the VoIP Drupal team


Thats great! I will go

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Thats great! I will go through the doc coming weekend and see how can I contribute.

btw, are these modules run through Coder and Drupal code siniffer?

Re: Thats great! I will go

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Hi fotuzlab,

Thanks for your message. Looking forward to your contribution!

And no, we haven't passed any of those modules through anything, yet.

BTW, loved the pictures in your site... they're pretty amazing!

Well, in that case I think

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Well, in that case I think I'll start with making the code compliant with Drupal coding standards.

...and thanks for the compliment. Glad you liked them :)


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Hi Leo, it's a great move. We at Halabol.com woud like to sponsor portion of this project. Do you have anything in mind? If so, please email at agupta@halabol.com

Re: Greeting

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Will do!


I would also like to

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I would also like to contribute with this porting

Just tell if things to be done and what part should i be going to port on