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I had an idea months ago to develop an Android app that would read the various RSS feeds that are generated by Community Weaver 2. So, I took a class to learn how to build an app. Then, I thought it would be easy to read an RSS feed generated by CW2, but they are private feeds.

Then I found out about Tokens and installed that module, got my token, formulated the url, but am still not able to read the feed.

I think this is a good idea but would like a team to discuss this and come up with a way to do it and a way to present the data to a user on his/her mobile device. I originally wanted to do this as my final project in my class, but the class is now done.

So, how can we make this little project go forward? I am on the east coast outside Philadelphia.

Thank you, jim


For anyone reading this

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For anyone reading this discussion and wondering what may be happening, the conversation has continued in the comments on another thread:

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