Is WYSIWYG compatible with Chaos Tools?

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Issue: WYSIWYG editing panel does not show.
Before installing Ctools, CKEditor was working fine. I went around, and around after installing Ctools to see where the panel went. I need the rich text editor for the maintainer of the website, he doesn't know html, and would be very helpful for him to upload and edit text this way per article. Does anyone else know why this issue occurs.

Please an answer, or an alternative direction.



Similar issue

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I had not tried to use CKEditor before I installed CTools, and in fact had not installed CKEditor until after I installed and enabled Ctools, so I'm not able to tell you if it was working before then, but on the configuration page of CKEditor, it was showing as not installed (listed as a module, listed as successfully enabled, but the configuration page is giving errors about installation, requesting me to install/re-install).

I have not resolved it, and am now working with other editors which depend on the WYSIWYG API.

I just thought I'd put this up here. The configuration page I speak of is the accessible from viewing your installed modules, scrolling down to the CKEditor module, and clicking configure.
I'm wondering if maybe you would see the same error messages there that I've seen in mine. If so, then I guess mine is not working because of Ctools as well.....

Sorry I can't help you. :-(

Perhaps a problem with CK Editor & CTools

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I have about a dozen Drupal 7 websites that use CTools/Views as well as WYSIWYG/TinyMCE and have never had a problem. If you are having trouble with CK Editor, I would suggest trying one of the others to see if that resolves it.

I have a similar problem,I

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I have a similar problem,I will take Awasson's advice and try some other editor