This is the working group to discuss and coordinate the integration of client-side editors in Drupal core.

Developers and maintainers of client-side editors (aka. WYSIWYG) integration modules and other interested people are invited to join in and share their ideas and participate in the current efforts to build a Wysiwyg API that seamlessly integrates with Drupal core.

More information on the current status of the module can be found on the Wysiwyg project page.

Live discussions on development and support happen in #drupal-wysiwyg.

The current status, progress, and roadmap of all efforts are summarized on a special page:

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Markdown and Media embed integration in Drupal 8

Decide on a standard approach for embedding media in Drupal 8 when authoring in the Markdown format.

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Hello, I'm in search for a mentor in GSOC to help me in Project #6, WYSIWYG Editor.

I started working on a WYSIWYG editor: https://github.com/kouul/WYSIWYG

And there's an online version:

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wysiwyg editor site css configuration

Sorry if this a newbie type question. I have been coding my pages in D7 with a minimal use of a rich text editor, maybe using it to add tables etc. I now have 2 collegues that will be adding page content but they do need a rich text editor as they have minimal knowledge of html. I am going to set up some page layouts for them using Ipsum Lourum type content that they can overwrite.

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State of the Art wiki page

So, I'm in the middle of a project and one of the things a cautiously said should be doable was WYSIWYG editing on mobile. I figured that this should be a solved problem by now on D7. However, either my google-fu is lacking or I was mistaken. If I'm mistaken could someone please post linkage? Please? :)

I'd like to propose a new wiki page be created with a matrix of editor modules and their mobile support state so we all have a one-stop page we can hit to quickly establish this and others aren't put in my position.

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Rough Estimation of new version

Is there any rough estimation of new release of wysiwyg 7.x-2.x? I mean any rough date.

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New WYSIWYG editor with loader of third party JS libraries.


jQuery drag and drop HTML editor - compile Bootstrap based HTML and JS. Editor extract required JS code (about 0% - 15%) from itself and provide it with resulting HTML to allow initialization a third party JS libraries on frontend. Generated HTML contain "data" attributes which store JS libraries settings and helpers to allow parse document structure by editor.

Also there are paid Drupal module:

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Add REDACTOR integration for wysiwyg

I myself have been struggling a lot with nice wysiwyg editors a lot. I find most of them not very design friendly, and many pose problems when it comes to pasting text. I find the "redactor" editor very convenient, but it is not a free editor. I have no skills or whatsoever in integrating editors, but I think this editor would really add something to drupal. There are a few questions I have:

  • Is there a guide that helps me with integrating a basic editor (by assigning a class to a text area element and adding the js files)
  • Is the community willing to use an editor obtained illegally?
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Wysiwyg profiles configuration confusing

Hi all,

I've seen this in many places now, and I apologize if my posting is insensitive or redundant.

I've used the Wysiwyg module for a few years, and really love it. However, it seems that for the last year, it hasn't been as clear/easy as it initially was.

The main problem seems to be the updates to the 3rd party editors; they are rarely compatible with Wysiwyg, but the Wysiwyg Module instructs the user to download & install them regardless.

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CKEditor / WYSIWYG configuration example

Here's a quick example of how add some custom configuration to CKEditor when using the WYSIWYG module.

This was tested on CKEditor 4.3.1 and the WYSIWYG module version 7.x-2.x-dev from 2013-Oct-26.

The "Apply simple source formatting" option in the "Cleanup and output" text format options must be checked for the indentation options to take effect.

Create module:


* @file
* example.module

* Implements hook_wysiwyg_editor_settings_alter().
function example_wysiwyg_editor_settings_alter(&$settings, $context) {

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Questions on the [editorname].js file and Drupal.wysiwyg.editor.instance.[editorname]

I am trying to get a different rich text editor (RTE) working with the wysiwyg module. I have created the [editorname].js and [editorname].inc files and have been successful in getting the RTE to load - I can successfully create / edit content with the RTE. So far so good...

From my initial experimentation I can see that Drupal.wysiwyg.editor.attach.[editorname] gets called when the page loads the RTE. I can also see that Drupal.wysiwyg.editor.detach.[editorname] gets called when the editor is going to get unloaded.

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function.file-get-contents failure

Can anybody tell me what does this mean? This is showing up every time a wysiwyg editable field is saved.What is a possible fix?

Warning: file_get_contents(sites/all/libraries/whizzywig/xhtml.js) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in drupal_build_js_cache() (line 4940 of /var/www/html/includes/common.inc).

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Distorted Text

I noticed that when I type my content articles using the TynyMCE editor, what i see is not what i get after posting the article...Also when I go back to edit the same articles I see the correct thing.

Can any body please help?

this is the result of the posts...

Just a little tip...

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Markdown and Media/image usage

This post is just me trying to assemble some knowledge and best practice on using WYSIWYG alternatives (namely Markdown) without sacrificing regular content creation strategies like image inserts.

Obviously, as this is non-WYSIWYG, if someone proposes a group or documentation page that suits this topic better, I'll glady move this info someplace else.

WYIWYG approach: Media Module + WYSIWYG

  • This has been well documented and is the proposed approach


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google blockly integration for wysiwyg

Hi guys,

Created a google blockly integration for wysiwyg... its rough and probably not production ready, but its open sourced anyway...


Feedback highly welcome!


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Ace editor for Wysiwyg

If anybody's interested in Ace (Ajax.org Cloud9 Editor) for Wysiwyg, there's an issue with a patch in the queue. It needs review from someone who knows the internals of Wysiwyg module better than I do. (If it goes through and there's interest, I might write a patch for CodeMirror, too.)

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Wysiwyg Editor for Wiki-Tools


I am looking at ways of making my wiki easier to use for non familiar visitors.

Does anyone know of wysiwyg plugin or editor that has the follwing functionality:

A user can highlight a bit of text, click a button and create a wiki link to a creation form.

I'm looking to integrate this with wiki-tools.

I would also like to limit who has access to this function.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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WSIWYG EDITOR - Installation for Nicedit

I am two days into Drupal, and am trying to install a wsiwyg editor.

TinyMCE stays it is no longer the editor. Another one I like used to be free but changed its name and now costs $380 for the license.

I couldn't find any others that were not beyond my ability to install, except Nicedit. I like all its features, and it shows up as installed and as my editor, and I enabled buttons, etc. But when I open up a PAGE or some other way to add content, no editor shows up. Is there a step I am missing?

Any help is very much appreciated - even if it is to suggest another editor.

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WYSIWYG For Maintenance Fields

I was wondering if there is anyway to get the WYSIWYG editor to appear on the Maintenance page field. This is where you type the message that you want to appear when the site is in maintenance mode.

I can't seem to find a way to apply it to the field as it isn't a plain text or anything and yet you can type HTML tags into this. There must be other fields within configuration that would be useful to have this as well?


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Looking for explanation on how to add editor buttons for D7

I'm trying to add buttons to both tinyMCE and Ckeditor.

From http://drupalcontrib.org/api/drupal/contributions!wysiwyg!wysiwyg.api.php/function/hook_INCLUDE_plugin/7

Supposed to be used for "Drupal plugins" (cross-editor plugins) only

Don't know what this means and not sure if this is the right hook to use.

Is there any documentation on how to do what I want?

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Is WYSIWYG compatible with Chaos Tools?

Issue: WYSIWYG editing panel does not show.
Before installing Ctools, CKEditor was working fine. I went around, and around after installing Ctools to see where the panel went. I need the rich text editor for the maintainer of the website, he doesn't know html, and would be very helpful for him to upload and edit text this way per article. Does anyone else know why this issue occurs.

Please an answer, or an alternative direction.


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