Northern Indiana (South Bend Area) Meet Up?

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We have a handful of accomplished Drupalers here in Michiana, including bdawg8569, Slurpee, Brandonian and danthewolfe. If you are in southern Michigan, Chicagoland or northern Indiana, would you be interested in a meetup? We would be glad to host in our Mishawaka office, and we're open to other venues as well. What would you like to learn and/or share? What days and times would you prefer?


I'd come. I have no specific

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I'd come. I have no specific times or dates to propose!

We would be happy to

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We would be happy to represent Detroit at a little midwest meetup! Open to any times or dates for consideration

Interested in participating

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Coming at you form Valparaiso, Indiana. I would love to network with some Drupal practitioners in Northern Indiana. Propose some dates and times and see what grows.

Hey bozeman...I'm not too far

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Hey bozeman...I'm not too far away from you in North Judson. Not sure how much I'd be able to participate in a meetup however. Drupal isn't my main responsibility, but depending on where and when the meetup would be...I might be able to make it.

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Hello David. My brother in law is from North Judson -- Rick Podell. I am wondering what type of Drupal work you practicing in North Judson. Are you independent or employed by an organization?

Church website.

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Hi Bozeman, I use to be a system administrator and did some Web stuff then, then I became a java developer for a couple of years. Now I'm the pastors of the United Methodist Church in North Judson. I'm trying to get one of our members to learn more about drupal so I don't have to do all the Web stuff. Our website is at Not an expert in design, but better than what we had before.



I know that this is an older

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I know that this is an older post, but I'm moving to South Bend in the fall & was hoping that there was an active group there. I've been actively using Drupal since 2005 so was hoping to meet some fellow Drupalites up north. Is there a monthly meetup by any chance?

Drupal Developer

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Seeking Experienced Drupal Developer in Michicana Area. Please contact me if you are experts who can customize drupal and work on large scale websites.


South Bend Drupal Group

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@coreyp_1 Unfortunately I do not know of one in South Bend, but am completely willing to get one going! If you end up finding one in the Michiana area, let us know.

Let's get started

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The response has been less than overwhelming, but let's get started. Drupalers bdawg8569 and danthewolfe are in the area. I hear that Brandonian is moving, but may be around a little longer and may be interested in a local meetup.

We would be glad to host in our Mishawaka office, and we're open to other venues as well.

What days/times would work best?

I'm not sure when I'll be

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I'm not sure when I'll be moving to South Bend. Originally, I was going to come in August, but there is now a strong possibility of coming at the beginning of the Summer. I should know more next week. Either way, I would enjoy participating in a meetup. Hopefullly we can drum up some interest!


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Give me a shout when you know your plans and/or when you get to SB. You're welcome to stop by and meet our Drupal team for a meetup any time.

Jon Marshall

Grand Rapids, MI

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