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May Meetup

Will the May meetup be going on? (It is on Memorial Day).

If yes, where will it be? I heard that the SPARK location may not be available anymore.

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DrupalCon ticket for sale


I have a ticket for DrupalCon Austin 2014, but I will not attend. I bought it at $400 (early-bird price) and I'd be happy to sell it at that same price. Current tickets are $550, so you would be saving quite a bit. More info here:

Let me know if you're interested:


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Northern Indiana (South Bend Area) Meet Up?

We have a handful of accomplished Drupalers here in Michiana, including bdawg8569, Slurpee, Brandonian and danthewolfe. If you are in southern Michigan, Chicagoland or northern Indiana, would you be interested in a meetup? We would be glad to host in our Mishawaka office, and we're open to other venues as well. What would you like to learn and/or share?

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April Meeting

I know that the Michigan Drupal group is meeting at Spark on Wednesday, will there still be an Ann Arbor spark meeting this Monday?

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Question about redirecting to mobile


I'm not quite sure if Support Resource means support tips, or posting here is a support resource. So anyway if it's better to post to the main Drupal support forum, please let me know.

I thought it might be nice to send this out to local people, as I've met a few of you so far.

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Still need a ticket to DrupalCon?

I registered for DrupalCon but just found out that I can't go this year. :( Does anyone still need a ticket? I got mine at $350 and the cost has since gone up to $400. You would save $50 that could better spent on enjoying downtown Denver! Contact me at if you want it.

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February meeting- I am making my first real Drupal site and want to do it right

I have not been to a meeting for a year or so, my how time flies. I offered to make a discussion and information website for the Washtenaw County rain garden program and now they want it. Mainly, it is for their Master Rain Gardener program for students to interact on a forum, the organizer to make postings (tips, tricks, reminders), and ultimately a plant selection guide. I thought this may be a good project for me to use Drupal on but reading books and forums are not the same as an actual implementation.

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In Jackson, MI from Feb 12-20, 2012. What should a Drupal guy do?

Title says it all. What's going on in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Jackson, Lansing, or Ann Arbor in that time frame that I should come and see? Go Drupal!

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site designer/developer needed for Ann Arbor-based nonprofit start-up

Hi! My name is Brandon and I'm looking for recommendations or info on finding a local (doesn't have to be A2 necessarily) designer/developer to build a new site for Creative Rights. Creative Rights is a nonprofit org that was started by two recent UM law grads and is dedicated to empowering the creative community in Ann Arbor and Detroit by providing affordable legal services to creators and community-based organizations. The organization will also provide free, or low cost, legal services to the programming/development community regarding IP issues.

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How well is Drupal calendar content recognized by search engines?

I have a client who's been using an ancient (by web standards) Perl-based calendar script program (called, dully enough, "CalendarScript", which hasn't been updated in years.

I've recently converted other parts of her site over to Drupal 6.x, and have been strongly recommending moving off of this old calendar script out of both security concerns and usability reasons. However, she's used it for many years and is reluctant to abandon it.

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