Drupal 7 Drealty based site launched

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We've worked hard on this one and just launched a new Drupal 7 site for Prudential Gallo REALTORS, showcasing the power of Drealty, Drupal, and real estate:


There is also a mobile site to compliment handheld devices.


Did you use a Drupal real

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Did you use a Drupal real estate module? I'm looking to create a real estate website for my partner but looking for a head start...

Yes, we helped co-develop the

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Yes, we helped co-develop the dRealty module for real estate. Rentals is something we handled in-house and are trying to package that up into a release.


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hi how u getting on with the rental modual?

Nice realty site.

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Love the look, the interface, colors, functionality.

Yeah, I'm jealous. :)

  • john

To big header,

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To big header,

Hello from Colorado ski resorts

nice work on the prugallo.com site..

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good work kevin, et al.. doing discovery on real estate related drupal.. all referrals would be welcome. thx

how are you handling SEO?

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Notice that you don't have property address in URL, does this affect SEO? and which edition of Drealty are you using, and do you have optimal settings?