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Wordpress Dominating IDX Websites :(

I left Wordpress behind 9 years ago when I transitioned to become a Drupal developer. I would love to work more with realtors and real estate agencies but it seems that most all of them are going to Wordpress now, and with good reason... It seems that all the great IDX plugins are being developed for Wordpress and the only IDX solution that I can find for Drupal is drealty and with it showing only 210 sites using it, that is not a great indication of having a solid IDX solution for Drupal.

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Can someone help me with the roadmap of Drealty8

I'm willing to contribute to drealty8, can anybody share the roadmap. I'll be interested in supporting the active maintenance of this module.

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Drealty Installation Help

I'm using Drupal 7.5

I managed to get Drealty 7.x-3.0-beta6+12-dev to work, all other version of the module fail.

I can pull listings, but they are 2 weeks behind.


Any help would be amazing, I'm happy to share the results if I can get this working.

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Hangout for dRealty Module Coordination

2016-04-22 13:00 - 14:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

INVITED: Anybody who is interested in coordinating efforts on the dRealty module, especially as it relates to a version for Drupal 8 and the latest stable phrets release. This hangout is a follow-up to one on March 22. For additional background, see the postings at

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Looking to create a realestate team for a startup/hackathon

Hey fellow Drupalers,

Do you love planned developments, HOAs, TICs?

Have you ever been on a HOA board?

Did you ever wonder where your HOA dues went?

If you are like me, you have and realized, there is so much room for improvement.
I am focusing a few areas:
* Paypalify my HOA: Finance: howto streamline the dues payment process and collections
* Yammerize my HOA: Community: enhance the planned development lifestyle through community sites and social media
* Yelpify my HOA: Rating system for vendors who work with HOAs

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Current real estate solutions

As I´m currently looking for a drupal solution here my latest research results:
Drupal Real Estate is a solution for the creation of a real estate and property classifieds sites.

Easy to get working solution
Custom property fields
Dynamic property list
Configured slider
This module creates a content type called immoclient. Immoclient is built after the official German "openimmo" xml-standard to create real estates.

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dRealty 7.x beta6 release

The newest release of dRealty aims to fix some long term issues. There are also a lot of new additions to try out.

  • Support for Agents
  • Support for Offices
  • Support for OpenHouses
  • Support for importing via cron and queued cron jobs
  • All new bulk field mapper
  • Various bugfixes

Agents, Offices, and OpenHouses all function just like listing types do now and are their own separate entity types.

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It is a shame that Drupal does not offer one working real estate module.
The real estate module is terribly defective and does not even uninstall properly, no devs answer questions here.

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Dead or alive?

Is this group dead?
Do not see any activity this year.

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[Drupal 7 dRealty] How to get images in REST

I'm get xml in site but field in return PHOTO_COUNT and PHOTO_MODIFY
i don't see photo url pls help me

Many Thanks and Best Regards

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[Drupal 7 dRealty] How to get images in REST

I'm get xml in site but field in return PHOTO_COUNT and PHOTO_MODIFY
i don't see photo url pls help me

Many Thanks and Best Regards

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What is going on with the real estate theme?

There are no releases for this theme, however it is listed under themes.
Anybody know of a good theme that I could customize for this purpose, as the ad-hoc theme is not available?

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dRealty Can Frontend users can advertise and list their own property?

Would someone let me know please
can I use dRealty make a website where front end users
can advertise and list their own property?

Many Thanks and Best Regards

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DRealty: Importing Different Types

I'm building a real estate website, using drealty and Drupal 7. We're pulling from a local/FlexMLS provider using RETS.

It's working pretty well so far. Besides our geocoding experiment. That's a mess ;)

Here's the problem. We're currently only getting around 4,000 listings (I'm expecting 6,000) - apparently only Residential properties. When I do a SELECT DISTINCT on the 'Type' field, I only get 'Residential' and 'Farm/Farmette' (which I assume is essentially residential).

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drealty vs. open-realty

I dunno where to start, drealty documentation is non-existent, no real support.
On the other hand, open-realty has been in the business for a long time, and have lots of (costly) apps, but who cares if they help with business.
Any input appreciated.

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Drupal 7 Drealty based site launched

We've worked hard on this one and just launched a new Drupal 7 site for Prudential Gallo REALTORS, showcasing the power of Drealty, Drupal, and real estate:

There is also a mobile site to compliment handheld devices.

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real estate site

Hi all!

I'll be building a state-wide real estate site and I don't have any idea how big the data archive for this. Well, I ran a test site, imported MLS listing for one real estate property and it was able to pull a record of more than 100k items. Any advice from the experts of which of the server options should I avail for this project? I appreciate your quick response. ;)

These are my options.

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Taxonomy Fields or Regular Fields


I'm working on a real estate agent website, and it will have a search system to filter based on property type, building type, bedroom/bathroom numbers, surface...

So I was wondering what would be the best option to organize the all content type field that will be display in a view with a map : taxo fields or "regular" fields (text, integer...).

Is there an advantage to use Taxonomy Fields over regular Fields?
Thru search I could noticed that both options were used with success. But I missing the advantage in a long run to use Taxo.
What would be more flexible?

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dRealty 7.x-3.x-beta2 Release

After some changes yesterday, beta2 has been released. Please see the release notes here:

We are actively working at improving performance on MySQL based field storage and MongoDB based field storage when importing. Stay tuned.

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dRealty 7.x-3.0 Beta

A lot of the initial bugs have been resolved thanks to camidoo's relentless issue squashing last week. This week, we aim to have a beta release available- so please download the latest alpha and report any issues you see. Every bit of feedback helps!

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