Import custom translations from own localization server to clients

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Right now we're developing 3 sites in German, Dutch and Swedish.
Each site will have content in different languages (25 in total, but for the Swedish e.g. 10, for the Dutch 17 and for the German 19 language)
Some of the languages are quite exotic and not welknown.

We use for this a 3-letter language-code and have a central localization server to manage the interface and content-translations.

What I want to accomplish is that on each client (Swedish, German and Dutch) the enabled languages are automatically updated from the localization server.

How can this be done?

See (localization-server)
and (Dutch client)


Cooperation with l.d.o and tool tip

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virtaal is a much better tool for trainslating, get it from

one of the features is automatic checking for translations from other services like Bing or Google translation.

The other point:
Running your own translation server is totaly ok, but I'd love to see giving back translations to and on the other side you can also receive translations from l.d.o.