Where can we gather/contribute files

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It's great to see this initiative, and really awesome it's run by so cool people :)

Recently at a Singapore Drupal Meetup, a participant crowdsourced a Drupal Evangelism presentation.
In case he's interested in sharing (he should), where can he upload the files?


Great question

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I think the answer depends on the type of material being shared. Presentations can be shared using slideshare.net or similar sites and linked to; other things like style guides and/or design assets may need another home.

One of the things that we discussed in the BoF in Munich is that it may be necessary for folks tackling a specific problem to go outside this group and use (gasp!) non-Drupal collaboration tools to solve it. One thing we all agreed is that design problems cannot and should not be addressed in issue queues.

Issues with queues

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Hi George,

One thing we all agreed is that design problems cannot and should not be addressed in issue queues.

There was a decision made at the BoF to create a project for each piece of material so that if say someone wants a translation they can create an issue - has this decision now been changed or is this something else you're talking about. Am just over on the marketing-drupal group trying to work out a process to get the people over there talking on the group and not getting much luck at the moment, all help appreciated!




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Now I think about it, it was Nico who told me at the sprint that's what had been decided - perhaps I misunderstood or got the wrong info?

I have no idea

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Maybe that came up in another BoF or meeting in Munich that I wasn't at?

All I know that in the BoF I attended on Tuesday (http://munich2012.drupal.org/content/respect-drupal-brand) there seemed to be a pretty clear consensus that folks working on design problems did not want to work in the issue queues.

I think that the issue queues are probably appropriate for many of the things you and the other folks in DrupalBAM are tackling, but they're really not an effective or appropriate way for designers to collaborate, which is what this group is about.

Actually, where we ended up...

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Actually, where we ended up was a combination of both. The issue queue would be used to create and track the issue. And, the persons working on it would post a link to some outside collaboration place where that particular issue was being addressed. The example we used was a Google word doc to work on writing a page of content. It's got lots of great tools for collaboration. The idea was that it would be open for all to see and comment but you would need to request access to edit it. (To keep things safe and sane.)

I can't (nor should we try) to decide what the best tools are. Let the designer design. Just put a link so that the entire community can see, too. Hurrah!

And to your earlier question, George, there were about a dozen marketing of Drupal meetings in Munich in addition to the two BOFs and the session. The main event was all the work done by (mainly) Steve and TVN with some help from me in the main room on code sprint Friday. The marketing committee has been very active and you, as always, are a welcome addition. :)

Ah, yeah, in terms of the

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Ah, yeah, in terms of the work that the DrupalBAM committee is doing, that makes sense, and I agree that any efforts to create standards around Drupal branding and visual communication should be done in coordination with the Association's ongoing efforts, which is the de facto role that Marta and I agreed to take on in the BoF.

I don't think we're quite at the point yet where folks in this group have reached a consensus about which itch to scratch first, but once we know what we're doing, we'll definitely coordinate using the appropriate tools and mechanisms.

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