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Ben Finklea
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I am married to the best wife a man could ever have.
I have two of the smartest and sweetest boys ever to walk the planet.
I live in a beautiful house with a 55-mile view (as best I can tell using Google earth and a telescope).
I helped start and regularly attend a conservative Presbyterian (PCA) church. I hope that intrigues you and causes you to ask me challenging questions about my faith.
I have a degree in Philosophy. That means that I completely disagree with everything you just said.
I believe that argument/debate/palaver is a cross between sport and artform. Changing the way you think is the most difficult, powerful and beautiful skill you can have.
I'm human and fallible. If you're angry at me, I probably don't know it. But, if you'll tell me what I did, I'll apologize.
I find people with strong beliefs (spiritual, personal, business, whatever) to be extraordinarily interesting.
Pissy people bore me.
I like cookies.


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Volacci is an internet marketing company. Our vision is to revolutionize the way that marketing is done on the Internet. We believe that online marketing should be profitable and painless for our customers.


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