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I run a website called geekspeakr.com

Many organisers of technical conferences, meetups, and dinners want to have more gender-balance in their lineups, but they don't know where to find technical women speakers.

Enter geekspeakr.com, a simple directory and connections system to help technical women speakers and event organisers to find each other.

The site runs Drupal5. I've got a small list of excellent feature requests, but need to upgrade it to D6 before i get into that sort of custom dev.

This is been on my todo list for much more than a year, and now with a baby due in a couple months i have to admit i'm not going to get around to it.

I'm looking for a volunteer to do the D5 to D6 upgrade. It's probably trivial.

It runs views module, CCK, a customized version of the "nudge" module (that's the quick contact functionality) and node profile.
database is postgres 8.

Please contact me if you're willing to help with the upgrade.

-- Brenda
brenda at coffee dot geek dot nz


Would be awesome to get a volunteer or two for this...

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This is a great resource for allowing conference organizers to reach out to women speakers and increase their numbers.

I'm obviously quite booked up until code freeze/Drupalcon, but after that (mid-to-late September) I'll see if I can carve out some time if no one else steps up.

Shiny - I might be able to help...

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But first, congratulations on the baby!!!! And you're right, this is going to sink to the bottom of the list (quite necessarily) :-D after the baby comes.

Can you contact me off-list and we can discuss further???

chana [at] austincms. com

Take care,