Women in Drupal (Formerly DrupalChix)

Only about 1.5% of the people involved in open source are women, leaving us terribly underrepresented. In the Drupal world, we're up to a whopping 7% 10% 17%, which only gets us to awfully unrepresented. ;) This group is for anyone (male, female, or otherwise) who believes that we can do better and wants to help.

So if you:

  • are a woman who needs some help/guidance in order to get (more) involved with Drupal and the Drupal community
  • are a woman who wants to network and get to know other women involved in Drupal
  • are anyone who has ideas on things we can do to help encourage women to participate in Drupal

...then this is the group for you. :)

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DrupalChix Logo files

Posting a bunch of the DrupalChix logo files here for posterity, so everyone can find and use them whenever they need!

I had to turn the big file from Naxoc into a .gz file to upload it here, but FYI it contains several .pngs in different colours plus on .eps file. This is the file "drupalchixlogos.tar_.gz"

Got the other set from Rainbreaw, which is the file "drupalchixlogos2.tar_.gz" - it has the two different versions of the Drupalchix logo that they created for LA Drupal. She says:

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Where in the World are the DrupalChix?

There have been a number of comments about how to find other women in Drupal. We're scattered around, but maybe not as much as we think. And it would be nice to know if there are other DrupalChix nearby. Maybe it could even lead to some regional DrupalChix get-togethers :-)

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Seeking Drupal / Open Atrium volunteer developer


Is it OK - in terms of community guidelines and etiquette - to post a request for volunteer developer support for an Open Atrium/Drupal project here? It's for a women/girls serving nonprofit.

If so, read on! If not, disregard. (Or admins can delete or close the thread. No offense taken.)

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Drupal courses for beginners girls

Under non-profit organisation Czechitas (czech IT courses for girls) we are going to make another gender-imbalanced weekend course for girls similar to well established RailsGirls.

Are there some tutorials good for beginners weekend courses (like them from RailsGirls)?
Somebody experienced with beginners?
Or some similar events in the world?

Thank you for help :-)

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Drupal 7 node titles - symbols convert to html entities in Zen sub-theme

Hi there. I have a problem with D7. My node titles are converting some symbols to html entities. IE: '&' is converted to '&' etc. This happens on all content types and regardless of whether I'm using automatic node titles. Here's a few examples:



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Drupal 8 Pre-release Get together, Fullerton, CA (Orange County)

2015-11-14 16:30 - 18:00 America/Los_Angeles
Event type: 
Drupal 8 Release Party

I have a Drupalista friend from San Diego who will be visiting on 11/14 and we figured since we won't be able to celebrate the release together on the 19th, we'd take the opportunity to do a pre-celebration get together. We'll be meeting at Bootleggers Brewery in Fullerton for beer, pizza and cake (yes, that's a good combo!) at 4:30 pm. If you happen to be in the area please join us!

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Problem with SQL statement in Views D7

Hi there, I'm hoping a SQL ninja will find it in his or her heart to provide me with some advice.

I've created a page view which does the following:

  1. Pulls in nodes from two different content types
  2. Filters by two different term references, one for each content type.

It's not working, although in my mind (and limited sql understanding), it should. I think maybe there's an issue with the inner joins, because it seems the sql statement would working if they weren't there.

Anyways, I've attached two images, one of the api and one of the actual sql statement.

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Anita Borg Institute upcoming conference and interesting links

In October I am going to the Anita Borg Institute's Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference in Houston. http://gracehopper.org. One of the questions on the registration asks if I am a member of Systers, which I wasn't, so I looked it up. It sounds interesting and thought I would share this with all of you. http://anitaborg.org/get-involved/systers

Would be fun to have some other Drupal Women join me at this event, if anyone is interested, or already planning on attending, please let me know so we can meet up.

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DrupalCon Barcelona - call for sessions closing soon!

Hey everyone!

The call for sessions for Barcelona DrupalCon is closing on Monday
"The call for content will close on June 8 at 23:59PM Barcelona local time (UTC +2)."

Submit your ideas now!

A few people have asked me for ideas on what they should talk about - and I have 2 pieces of advice.

The topic doesn't matter as much as 2 other factors.

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Drupalcon Annual Women in Drupal Reception

2015-05-12 18:00 - 20:30 America/Los_Angeles
Event type: 
User group meeting

This event is FREE for all attendees.

Please RSVP on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/drupalcon-lax-women-in-drupal-tickets-15166... so we have good catering numbers.

With only about 20% of DrupalCon who identify as women, we know it can feel lonely when you are walking around the event, especially if this is your first DrupalCon.

Come and meet other women in Drupal and the local technology community. We invite you to attend the Women in Drupal which is a hosted reception at the historic and delicious Engine Company No. 28.

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Looking for Open Source Developer

Hello everyone,
We are looking for an open source developer. Here's the link to the job posting.
Please feel free to pass this on.
Best regards,

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Free Webinar by Megan Sanicki, COO, Drupal Association: Cracking the Community Code

2015-04-15 21:30 - 22:30 Asia/Kolkata
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

Building communities is an artsy science that is a strategic initiative for organizations of all kinds from nonprofit to for-profit. In this webinar, we will remove the mystery of building thriving online communities. We will look at community building best practices from leading community managers such as Jono Bacon of Ubuntu, and will understand how to use these pro-tips to grow and nurture global communities through a case study on Drupal.

Why Should You Attend This?

o To learn how the Drupal community grows and is nurtured
o To learn about the community management best practices

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Women in Drupal event @ Drupalcon LA

Hello Ladies,

We are working really hard to keep the Women in Drupal reception free for all attendees, https://events.drupal.org/losangeles2015/women-drupal. Being as Los Angeles is a bit more costly than previous locations, we are having to get a few more sponsors than normal to keep it that way.

If you or company can sponsor, please use the Contact Us link, on the bottom of the event page, to let us know how much you can contribute.

Any amount is welcome, we are about $2,000 short of our goal for this event.

Thank you so much for your consideration.


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[Free Webinar] Drupal 8: Frontend for Backenders

2015-04-01 12:00 - 13:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
User group meeting

Drupal 8 will ship with a fancy new template engine (Twig) and a simpler theme layer. In this webinar, our speaker will show you some goodies from Twig and give you a walkthrough on how to get started with it.

He will also talk about the major problems that people were facing in working with Drupal 7 and what the community has done to make it better. This webinar will show - in both practical examples and on a broader scale - why Drupal 8 will make peace between backenders and frontenders.

Why Should You Attend This?

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Drupalcon roomate

Good morning all, I am planning on attending Drupalcon in May in LA. This will be my first Drupalcon. Although, I have created and maintain a Drupal 7 website for a client, my knowledge of Drupal is fairly basic. I'm really looking forward to moving my knowledge of Drupal to a new level. I would like to stay at the Weston Bonaventure hotel to get the most out of the conference. I am looking to share a room with a fellow Woman in Drupal. Anyone else looking to share a room? Thanks, Sheryl

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Forcontu is offering 10 x Drupal Training Scholarships

Forcontu is offering 10 x Training Scholarships for the Expert in Drupal 7 online course (valued at USD1350). If you want to apply, complete the form before April 15, 2015. On April 16 we will announce the 10 winners of a scholarship to join the course completely free. The course will be conducted from May 4 to December 4 (7 months).

More information and registration at:


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Events in New York city?


I'm from the UK and visiting New York city April 28th - May 8th. Are there any Drupal or other tech events on during that period? I'd love to meet other Women in Drupal.

Manchester, UK

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Drupal development Qs

Hi all,
I'm so relieved to have found this group... as a girl in tech it does get pretty lonely out there... I've been developing and maintaining sites with Drupal for about 4 years now, and am working hard founding a startup, a new platform built on Drupal.

I'm developing the Drupal site myself, doing pretty well on my own, but would love to ask some questions, and on Stackexchange and stackoverflow questions often die a slow and painful death. As a woman I feel like crying out for godsakesjustgimmeachance, its hard enough just being female here!!

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Migrating Taxonomy from D6 to D7

Hi there,

PPLD.org is upgrading from D6 to D7 using a clean D7 instance and migrating data either via Migrate module, or via Feeds somehow. Here’s what is stumping me:

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Looking for Freelance Developers

Hello everyone,

I recently joined Ginkgo Street Labs, a DC based company, that helps nonprofits leverage open source software, including CiviCRM, the leading open source constituent engagement platform for nonprofits.

We are looking for Drupal and Mobile App & Javascript freelance developers for projects starting as soon as possible.

** Freelance Drupal Developer **
2-3 years custom module Drupal development
Strong facility with Drupal Form API with AJAX, webform, CiviCRM a plus
Experience with Non-profit tech.

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