Regular Drupal Meetup is happening in Delhi!

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Hey everybody, We have started a regular meetup in Delhi so that people who are newbies as well as Experts can meet in one place and share knowledge.

There was a meetup yesterday. It was attended by around 15 people(and a number of people weren't there :). I would like to summarize what we decided about the meetup so that those who weren't there can have an idea.

  1. We'll meet regularly on 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month.
  2. Venue: Srijan Technologies Office. It might be changed later depending on the response but fixed for 2 to 3 months.
  3. Timing will be 4PM-6PM(Ending is flexible, starting is not). Code sprint might stretch quite a bit.
  4. 2nd Saturday meetup of every month will be a Code Sprint/Issue Sprint.
  5. 4th Saturday meetup will be more of a discussion type. We'll have one or two presentation by volunteers who'd like to talk about something they know well.

I would like to make a separate note for NEWBIES. Please attend the meetups. It's a great way to learn Drupal. You'll learn Drupal much faster than learning it in isolation. We welcome anybody of any skill level.

You can always find some of us in #drupal-in IRC channel. If you want to know more, feel free to call me on 9811056333.


Want to join

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I also want to join this group. I am interested to meetup.


Please come to the next meetup on Sep 8

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Hi JayKumar, Please join us on our next meetup. It will be on Sep 8(Saturday). If you need any help you can call me on 9811056333


Jasdev S. Moun
(+91) 98 11 056333

Hi Jasdev, I have added an

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Hi Jasdev,

I have added an event for this Saturday. Though our regular meetups would be from 4-6pm we will be starting the sprints in the morning. This would give us the whole day to work on the issues.

This is great Ishan

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Great idea Ishan. We'll have plenty of time to work on issues :)

Jasdev S. Moun
(+91) 98 11 056333


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