pathauto doesn't work with content translation

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I am new to Drupal and trying out Drupal 6.13 with path auto and content translation. For an open source project, I hope to have basic pages translated in multiple languages. However, my first Spanish page shows up as /node/7/ even though I see its URL alias (in the list of aliases), and I can't navigate to its alias (404 not found).

I'd also be interested in example URL schemes for multiple languages.


I am facing the same issue

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I am facing the same issue and doing some research to find a solution.

It seem that there is a solution by modifying default configuration in admin/build/path/pathauto.

In section Node path settings, add the [language] token at biggining of the Default path pattern like this [language]/content/[title-raw].

I'll do some more tests and let you know...

Update 20090922 : After some tests, it appear that the user default language has to be defined as the site default language... If the user language is defined to another language, he gets an error trying to access the english version.

i have a different question,

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i have a different question, say, two language, about us page

path will be:


but i also want path
to redirected based on browser language.
can i do that by simple configuration?

Set the node's alias as

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Set the node's alias as 'about' and make sure you have your 'Language Negotiation' set to one of the prefix options at admin/settings/language/configure

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I have some problem too, use

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I have some problem too, use pathauto or not my node path is always /node/*
what should i do ?


Try deleting then re-creating

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Yes, I know it sounds dumb. But it worked.

Had a page with a working URL alias. Created a custom language to translate some system strings. Just this one page's URL alias wouldn't work for love or money, no matter what I tried (alias patterns, auto on, auto off, delete alias and enter again...), unless I switched off the custom language. Giving up and going for the voodoo option, I created a new page from scratch, gave it the same title and pasted in the (custom php) content. Now it's all good.

Something got stuck in the MySQL database? Beats me. YMMV.