This group serves as a means to discuss paths in Drupal and specifically the Pathauto and URLify modules. The modules all have similar but different functionality and discussions frequently overlap the modules.

I addition to the issue queue, this group serves as a place to discuss new features and changes in functions of the modules.

Finally, this group serves as a means of alerting users to updates in the modules. If you sign up you can expect to get an email from the Pathauto and URLify module maintainers if/when there is significant news in the development of their modules such as the release of a new version or a security update.

Pathauto Specifically for Pathauto the main area that is most up to date for news and changes to pathauto will probably always be the Issue Queue.'s picture

Path Finder module - another solution for path/alias management

Comments invited - new module to help with path-management and avoid broken links:

Code will be uploaded very shortly.

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Pathauto maintainership June 2011 update

Hello friends,

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Screencast Introduccion a PathAuto con Drupal 6

Este es mi regalo de navidad para la comunidad "Introduccion a PathAuto con Drupal 6"

Que lo disfruten.

Espero les guste


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How to create new URL aliases for _all_ nodes and still keeping existing URLs working

short version:

I am looking for guidance on creating new URL aliases on all nodes to meet Google News URL specs ( ). Existing URLs need to continue (I think the term here is 'redirected'). Site is Drupal 5.x with Pathauto already running. Thoughts? Issues? Ref links? :)

Longer version

Current setup: I use Drupal 5.x and have had Pathauto (using 5.x-2.2 currently) installed for a year or two.

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Nginx Wiki - Drupal

I took the time to write up a best practices wiki page on the Nginx wiki for Drupal. Your configurations may or may not be similar and may or may not add extras. The setup in the Nginx wiki will not cover things like using Boost or Varnish.

The configuration in the wiki will provide an excellent base for anything you want to do with Drupal (and Pressflow). It takes a lot of beginner mistakes and explains why they are the wrong way. There are a massive number of beginner mistakes that I've seen around and the rest of the Internet. I hope that linking to this page will help.

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New releases of Pathauto imminent - help us test!

This week we'd like to release a new version of Pathauto for both Drupal 6 and 7. There have been numerous fixes for long-standing bugs with alias generation and internationalization. Oh and a few new features too (mostly in the 6.x-2.x and 7.x-1.x versions). As there have been quite a few changes made, we'd like your help testing either the 6.x-1.x-dev, 6.x-2.x-dev, or 7.x-1.x-dev versions.

Make sure when testing you have the latest development version of Token module downloaded as well.

Below are some of the major changes and bug fixes:

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I wish to have subdomains for specific content types.

Hello Everyone,

I am having a site where i have installed OG(Organic Groups) module for managing groups.

Each group created must have a subdomain like ?

I have a shared hosting, also i wish to do this in localhost.

Please help me to do this.

Thanks in advance.

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Pathauto and Content Translations

I'm working on a website that will need to have multiple languages.

I'm using a few of the basic tools. When I create a node in the default language it will become /content/test002 is aliased to /node/227. This is as expected. I can also click the Translate tab and click a language I want to translate the node into. I'm also able to add the actual translation. This is also as expected.

Where it breaks... I'm not able to go to fr/content/test002. I get page not found.

I'm not sure what I'm missing to make this work.

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Unified redirection framework for Drupal 7

We've got a lot of overlap and duplication of efforts between modules like Path redirect, Global redirect, Secure pages, etc which could potentially really benefit from a unified redirection API and UI. Another advantage is if we can make this redirection API/UI simple, it could be a good candidate to be considered for Drupal 8 Core/CMS.

So...what APIs or features do we need to provide?

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Table, Path Auto

I need know the tables of DB where pathauto stores the rewrite rules. Do you know what are these tables?

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Should were merge the Path redirect and Global Redirect modules into a 'Redirect' module for Drupal 7?

Let's merge them
100% (26 votes)
Let's keep them separate
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 26
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Roadmap for Pathauto for D7 and beyond

I wanted to post my ideas and what I thought would be a good roadmap for Pathauto as we're getting closer to a Drupal 7 release and what could be a big effort to have Pathauto in core for Drupal 8. I'd love to hear your feedback on these ideas!

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Separate bulk updating from Pathauto

I'd like to get everyone's input on moving the bulk-type operations out of the main Pathauto module and into a new separate or sub-module called 'Pathauto Bulk Update'.

See for the Pathauto RFC issue

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One more 6.x-1.x release

Hey folks, let's get a list going of bugs (ideally with patches) that are ready to go for what will hopefully be the last 6.x-1.x release of Pathauto.

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create alias for content profile automatically

I am trying to figure out how to get an alias to be automatically created for a user's content_profile (6.x-1.0-beta4) when they create or edit the profile, but without giving them the option.

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Pathauto pagination with Drupal 5

I have a few content types that I have used pathauto to alias as taxonomy listings. Will drupal paginate automatically when a certain number of nodes are displayed? Is there a way to make that happen?

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How I can add some symbols to remove by pathauto? (Drupal 5)

My site in russian language and all is well with pathauto exept '«' and '»'.
Thease symbols pass through pathauto and cause problems when link copied from address bar to mail or other program..
For example, gmail does not include it to link..

How I may include thease sybols to list, that removes from address?

I've try to place two string in - in function pathauto_cleanstring():

$output = str_replace('«', '', $output);
$output = str_replace('»', '', $output);
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Generate path by node type without Pathauto


Is it possible to generate url aliases to nodes by their type without pathauto? I.e. topic/234, forum/456, where topic and forum are some content types? Maybe url_alter may help with that?

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pathauto doesn't work with content translation

I am new to Drupal and trying out Drupal 6.13 with path auto and content translation. For an open source project, I hope to have basic pages translated in multiple languages. However, my first Spanish page shows up as /node/7/ even though I see its URL alias (in the list of aliases), and I can't navigate to its alias (404 not found).

I'd also be interested in example URL schemes for multiple languages.

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Renaming node: old URL is gone

Hello guys.

I'm using Pathauto with Global Redirect, but there is an issue that they don't solve.

Let's say I have a node and after some time I decide to change its name. Then I go and change its URL to fit the new name, Pathauto doesn't do that so I just uncheck Automatic alias and change its URL.

The problem is that the node remains with the old URL, I don't know why it is not changed. And both old and new URLs return the same content, letting it duplicated.

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